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The ultimate G-SHOCK. Leading-edge technology and artisanal craftwork

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Original, functional beauty enabled by combining materials

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Design and tech for your best performance tracking yet

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Original, functional beauty enabled by combining materials

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Each timepiece features a unique gradation of hues due to the nature of the special vapour deposition process applied to the glass.

These beach-inspired designs come in two color schemes — fresh white and blue evoking sun-drenched white sandy beaches, and cool translucent grey and orange conjuring the serenity of the beach at dusk.

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G-SHOCK watches — a legacy of unbreakable timekeeping

Over a span of two years, the team crafted more than 200 prototypes, resulting in the perfect development of a shock-resistant design. This achievement signifies the inception of a technoogy that’s fundamentally robust in nature. Committed to enhancing toughness across all aspects —including its structure, materials and functionalities ‚ the G-SHOCK watch has evolved, embodying resilience in every dimension. Stronger than ever and targeting even greater strength, G-SHOCK’s challenge is never-ending.

Where strength meets style

In Australia, G-SHOCK watches seemingly blend into our nation’s lifestyle — a staple for the adventurous spirit who loves to tackle any challenge life throws their way. Whether you’re enjoying a morning surf, hiking through rugged off-terrain areas, running a marathon or kickstarting your work week, a G-SHOCK watch is your trusted companion to ensure you’re on time every time.

What makes a G-SHOCK watch stand out from the crowd?

If you’re scrolling through your phone trying to decide on your next watch, we’re here to tell you why a G-SHOCK watch is a long-lasting investment:

  • Unparalleled durability — Every G-SHOCK watch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand the most extreme conditions. Whether you’re an avid adventurer or work in harsh outdoor environments, our G-SHOCK watches are ready to take on every knock and bump. Some even have button shafts with gasket fittings to protect your watch from mud and dust particles.
  • Technological advancements — A G-SHOCK watch isn’t just about toughness; it also keeps up with the latest innovations in the watch game. Some of our range includes defining features like heart rate monitors and triple sensors to deliver altitude, direction, temperature and barometric pressure readings straight to your wrist.
  • A diverse selection to suit everyone’s taste — From digital and analogue to metalsteelresinMR-GMT-GMaster of G and G-SQUAD, we have a range of watch styles to suit every preference. Whether you’re after something more minimalistic or one of our statement masterpieces, our G-SHOCK watches cater to every vibe and aesthetic.

Invest in a G-SHOCK watch, fit for any occasion 

At CASIO, we’re proud to stock G-SHOCK, which is more than just a brand — it’s a legacy, an emblem of toughness and grit combined with leading technology. Whether you have a formal event, are heading for a workout, or are embarking on your next outdoor adventure, a G-SHOCK watch is the ultimate wardrobe staple to adjust to every occasion. 

With different models boasting features like heart rate monitors, GPS functions and more, G-SHOCK continues to redefine what a watch can be. 

Take advantage of our free shipping Australia-wide on all orders over $50, and explore our G-SHOCK accessories and limited edition watchesto find the perfect gift or a look that best suits you.


G-SHOCK watches, designed by CASIO, are famous for their durability and innovative shock-resistant structure that safeguards against impact and vibrations while protecting the inner mechanisms. This advantage, combined with other industry-leading features like water resistance and mechanisms to protect from the elements, makes it tougher than any other timepiece on the market.

Yes. Our women’s watches boast a huge range of G-SHOCK designs from bright pops of pink and orange to monochrome rose gold and see-through designs. Our S-SERIES models, GMAS and GMS, are built with the same tough construction but offer a slimmer, more compact silhouette for women.