G-SHOCK Tough Solar Powered Watches

Harness the power of the sun with our solar-powered watches

Embrace sustainability without sacrificing style or functionality with our collection of solar-powered watches. G-SHOCK timepieces use solar energy to keep you punctual, whether under the scorching sun or in the subtle light of an office.

G-SHOCK watches are equipped to meet the demands of both adventurous spirits and professional settings.

Thanks to their water-resistant capabilities, our solar watches ensure reliability and durability, even in challenging environments.

Check out our new releases and discover the latest solar-powered watches that combine cutting-edge technology with robust design. 

Stay connected in style

Our solar-powered watches do more than just tell time. Models with G-SHOCK smartphone link capabilities allow you to stay connected with smart notifications and automatic time updates, ensuring you're always in sync, no matter where you are in the world.

Whether you prefer the timeless look of G-SHOCK analogue watches or the modern aesthetic of digital displays, our solar-powered watches come in a variety of styles to suit any taste. 

Inspired by the best

Get inspired by the G-SHOCK ambassadors, leaders in various fields who trust our solar-powered watches to keep up with their hectic schedules and daring adventures. These professionals rely on the reliability and eco-friendly performance of our solar watches.

Experience sustainable timekeeping with CASIO

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G-SHOCK solar-powered watches offer environmental and practical advantages. These watches utilise sunlight and artificial light to charge, reducing the need for battery replacements and minimising waste. Additionally, they tend to have longer lifespans and are more convenient, as they seldom require the manual change of batteries.

G-SHOCK solar-powered watches charge through exposure to both sunlight and artificial light sources. A full charge, depending on the model, can power the watch for several months without further exposure to light, making it highly efficient and reliable even with minimal light exposure.

G-SHOCK solar-powered watches are versatile and robust, ideal for both everyday wear and extreme activities. Their rugged build makes them resistant to shocks, vibrations and water, catering to everything from daily tasks to sports like mountain biking or scuba diving.

To ensure optimal performance, G-SHOCK solar-powered watches should be exposed to light regularly to keep the battery charged. It's also advisable to keep the watch clean from dirt and grime, especially after intense activities and to check the water resistance seal in case of frequent water exposure.