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Taking Toughness to the limit

Taking Toughness to the limit

G-SHOCK, the brand that brought a new concept of toughness to timepieces. Wanting to challenge the conventional wisdom of the time, it was a developer’s belief that you could construct a watch that was unbreakable.

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Team Tough.

In 1981, Project Team Tough was formed.

Creating over 200 prototypes over a two-year period, the team finally arrived at a functional, shock-resistant structure. This marked the birth of a technology that is truly tough to its core.

Since then, G-SHOCK has launched an unending quest for toughness in every aspect, from structure, to materials, to function. Rising to the challenge to continue pushing the boundaries of Toughness, Triple G Resist was developed - a structure with the strength to withstand three types of gravitational acceleration.

Not just focusing on physical toughness, G-SHOCK created and installed Smart Access, a system that ensured agile and reliable operability within the watches.

Stronger than ever, G-SHOCK continues on its unending quest for Absolute Toughness.

G-SHOCK GWG2000-1A1 Watch Structure
Kikuo Ibe
Kikuo Ibe

Born from a dream of creating a watch that never breaks, in 1983, CASIO engineer Kikuo Ibe won the battle against the laws of nature with the birth of G-SHOCK.

Devastated by the breakage of a pocket watch given to him by his father, Kikuo Ibe embarked on the mission to develop an unbreakable watch based upon a 'triple 10' philosophy - a watch that withstands water pressure up to 10bar, have a minimum 10-year battery life and most importantly, survive a minimum 10 metre drop.

Pursuit for toughness

In the course and creation of 200 prototypes over a period of two years, Kikuo Ibe designed G-SHOCK to defy the reputation of a watch as a fragile and delicate piece of jewellery.

G-SHOCK's challenge is never-ending, with a constant pursuit to attain greater durability, agility, and reliability that stands as a testament to Kikuo Ibe's innovation.

G-SHOCK Toughness


Never Give Up! from Kikuo Ibe

For over 40 years, G-SHOCK has retained its original square design whilst pursuing greater toughness in every respect, from structure and internal design to materials and functions. The proud original shape has been passed down without change in homage to Kikuo Ibe’s ability to push the limits.

G-SHOCK MT-G Premium Watch

Today, G-SHOCK's collections are vast and varied. The brand offers not only expressive utilitarian models recognisable by their bold and rugged style reimagined in various themes, but also elevated premium timepieces. These premium styles are constructed with leading-edge technology and Japanese artisanal craftwork.

Shock Resist


Water Resist


Triple-G Resist