Calculator Repair Requests

To make a repair request, please fill the below form. Once your repair request has been received, you will be emailed with a reference number and details on how to return your calculator for repair.

Once your calculator is received, your calculator will be reviewed and booked into our system. A repair number will be generated and you will be emailed advising of your repair number.

Repairs not under warranty
Your calculator will be given to our service team for assessment and a repair price estimate will be generated. You will be contacted via email with this price for your approval. You will also be advised of any backorder on replacement parts. Upon completion of repair, you will be contacted for payment – Visa, MasterCard and direct deposit are accepted.

Repairs under warranty
If your calculator is under warranty and all documentation has been filled out correctly, you will not be contacted regarding a quote – this is to expedite your repair process. Upon completion of repair, your calculator will be dispatched to you immediately to your nominated address. 

All repairs carried out by Shriro Australia have a 6 month repair warranty on the original fault.

There is no charge to have your calculator assessed or returned to you not repaired. There is no postage charge to have your calculator mailed back to you regardless of whether any work is carried out.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the repair process for CASIO calculators takes 7-10 working days. We understand that calculators are time sensitive and we always try to minimise the repair timeframe for our customers. We return repaired calculators via the fastest courier or postal service available.