2100 Series

Digital Meets Analogue

Origin Story

Rich Heritage, Constantly Evolving. 

G-SHOCK has consistently embraced challenges in their relentless pursuit for unparalleled toughness. The journey began in 1983 with the inception of the first G-SHOCK, the DW-5000, born from a determination to create an unbreakable timepiece. Soon after, in 1989, the AW-500 emerged, offering the same shock resistance in an analog format.

Fast forward to the present, where the GA-2100 series takes center stage – a seamless blend of the enduring toughness found in the DW-5000 and AW-500 with cutting-edge technologies, resulting in unique timepieces unlike anything seen before.

Inspired by the iconic DW-5000, the octagonal bezel, coupled with the minimalist design inherited from the AW-500, sets the GA-2100 apart. It upholds a commitment to a slim and compact form, preserving the strength of its predecessors through the Carbon Core Guard structure and an enhanced module design.

Rooted in its origin yet advancing further, the GA-2100 seamlessly complements contemporary lifestyles. As the new standard-bearer for G-SHOCK, it heralds a new era of durability and style.


Octagonal Bezel

The bezel proudly showcases the iconic octagonal design motif, a heritage maintained since the inception of the very first G-SHOCK. Its outline exudes a profound sense of stability, crafting an expression of power that befits the G-SHOCK legacy.

Minimal Design

Incorporating the latest in toughness-driven construction, the use of carbon fiber-reinforced resin allowed for an unparalleled slimming of the case to its utmost limit. The side profile design pays homage to the inaugural model, featuring reminiscent button layout, uneven surface form, and a fixed-angle band.

Dimensional Dial

Crafted with a three-dimensional molding technique, the dial exhibits depth with a minute-mark-notched dial ring, three-dimensional index cuts, a mode dial, and an irregularly shaped LCD thoughtfully arranged in a harmonious balance. The generous layout contributes to a face design that combines simplicity with outstanding visibility.

Evolution of Technology

The Challenge of a Thinner Case

The designers aimed for a sleeker profile while upholding the foundational G-SHOCK standards for shock resistance. By reinforcing the external structure and streamlining the module, they successfully achieved a remarkably slim profile, measuring just 11.8mm.

Thin Module

The module underwent slimming through the miniaturisation of components and the implementation of optimized, high-density mounting for the circuit board structure. Teaming up with the Carbon Core Guard structure, these endeavors resulted in a remarkably smaller and slimmer case.

Double LED Light

The dual LED system, boasting high luminance, effectively illuminates both the dial and LCD, ensuring optimal readability in low-light conditions.

Slide Lever

The inclusion of a slide lever facilitates effortless attachment and removal of the band — a highly convenient feature for tasks such as cleaning and maintenance.

G-SHOCK-GA2100TLS-8A-CASIO Australia
G-SHOCK-GA2100TL-7A-CASIO Australia
G-SHOCK-GMS2100CB-5A-CASIO Australia
G-SHOCK-GMS2100CW-7A-CASIO Australia

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