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Casio Music Space

Casio Music Space is an app exclusively for Casio digital piano and keyboard users.

When connected to your Casio piano or keyboard, the Casio Music Space app acts as digital musical score, a music teacher, a live performance simulator, and as an all-round app to enjoy learning and playing music.

It’s for complete beginners, people taking up an instrument again, and anyone who wants to experience a new way of playing. Expand your enjoyment of music by watching, listening, and playing through the app.

Supported models:

CT-S1, CT-S195, CT-S200, CT-S300, CT-S400, CT-S500, CT-S1000V, LK-S250, LK-S450

AP-270, AP-470, CDP-S90, CDP-S100, CDP-S110, CDP-S150, CDP-S160, CDP-S350, PX-770, PX-870, PX-S1000, PX-S1100, PX-S3000, PX-S3100

Lyric Creator

Our new dedicated app for lyric creation with the Casiotone CT-S1000V’s Vocal Synthesis feature.

Once the Lyric Creator app is installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can start transferring lyrics, sequences, vocal samples, etc., by connecting your device to your CT-S1000V via a USB cable, like the PPKB21.

While connected, you can also use the app to view how much space is available on the CT-S1000V’s internal drive, delete files, and edit file names.

Program files are exported using a proprietary format that enables sharing between CT-S1000V users.

You can also import Music XML lyric data and note values from your DAW.