5000/5600 Series

The Very First G-SHOCK

Origin Story

The debut of an icon. 

Since the introduction of the inaugural G-SHOCK, the DW-5000C, in 1983, the brand has consistently embraced the challenge of continuous evolution. The shock-resistant construction, stemming from the developers' commitment to crafting an unbreakable watch, and the iconic streamlined form, a natural outcome of the pursuit of strength and toughness, exemplify Casio's dedication to advancement and tireless innovation. These principles persist in today's 5000 and 5600 G-SHOCK watches.

Fast forward to the year 2020, marking three decades since the milestone design launched. The introduction of the resin AW-500E and the metal AWM-500 represents not mere reissues, but rather the roots of an evolution, while retaining the essence of their Tough origin. With an unwavering commitment to creativity and innovation, the G-SHOCK brand consistently elevates itself to new heights.


All-directional covering

The uneven design of the case and bezel surface serves as a protective barrier for the buttons and watch glass, shielding them from direct shocks. Additionally, the curved connection of the band to the case prevents direct impacts to the case back.

Reinforced structure advances capability

In the inner case, fiber-glass reinforced resin replaces metal, offering a combination of strength, lightness, and enhanced durability. Serving as the foundation, this structure propels G-SHOCK evolution, enabling advancements in lighting, radio control, solar power, Bluetooth® capability, heart rate monitoring, and beyond.

Full metal shock-resistant structure

Precision-engineered fine-resin buffering components are strategically placed between the forged bezel case and the center case. Utilising a three-pronged structure for the band's connective parts disperses shocks. The metal exterior adheres to G-SHOCK shock-resistance standards, seamlessly marrying strength with aesthetic appeal.

Carbon Core Guard structure

The inner case, reinforced with carbon fiber, combines strength and lightness, providing robust protection for the watch's core — the module — against drops and impacts.

Evolution of Function

Shock-resistant structure +
20-bar water resistance

The original; a shock and vibration resistant structure, coupled with 20-bar water resistance, this timepiece is tailored for use in various settings, diverse conditions, and a spectrum of activities. From intense sports, swimming, surfing, jet skiing, and workouts to everyday tasks like washing up and showers, it stands ready to endure any situation.


Readability in the dark
Light functions

The newly developed EL backlight delivers better lighting than conventional micro bulbs. This was followed by even more advanced light functions like the auto-light function that automatically lights with just a tilt of the wrist, high-brightness LED backlight and more.


Converting light to energy
Solar power

Casio’s unique solar charging system turns light into reliable energy to power the watch’s functions. Many G-SHOCK watches are solar-powered to reduce the time and effort required to replace batteries.


Accurate timekeeping
Radio control

Radio-controlled G-SHOCK watches automatically adjust the time in response to standard time radio wave signals for much greater accuracy than quartz-only timepieces. Multiband 6 models receive radio waves with time-calibration signals from up to six transmission stations worldwide.


Pursuit of multi-functionality
Sports functions

An interval timer, tide graph/moon data, low-temperature resistance (down to −20°C) and other handy functions for sports and fitness have expanded the reach of the G-SHOCK brand of tough watches.


Even more practical utility
Smartphone Link

This function pairs the watch to a smartphone via Bluetooth® to automatically adjust the time. Watch functions can also be easily managed on the smartphone app, making everyday life that much more convenient.


Measuring heart rate
Heart rate monitor

The case back is equipped with an optical sensor to measure heart rate, monitoring the heart in real time during exercise, as well as normal activity.

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