G-SHOCK White Watches

At CASIO, we’re thrilled to showcase our series of G-SHOCK white watches — the ultimate blend of resilience and pristine style. For years, G-SHOCK has been synonymous with rugged reliability and durability. Our white watch collection is here to continue that legacy while introducing a refined air of sophistication.

Our G-SHOCK white watches are more than timepieces — they’re fashion statements to take your next outfit up a notch. Crafted to perfection, the crisp white hue is the versatile shade you need to transition from adventurous outdoor activities to upscale gatherings with minimal effort. 

Beyond the sleek design of our white watches are G-SHOCK’s celebrated features, including shock resistance, water resistance, smartphone linking, solar charging, date/month display, 12/24 hour format, regular timekeeping and more. 

Whether you want a minimalist design with light pops of colour or a white watch with a bold face, we have a range to suit your preferences. 

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