500 Series

The First Analogue

Origin Story

Six years on from the launch of the very first G-SHOCK, the AW-500 makes its debut. 

The design of the 500 Series laid the foundation for every subsequent analogue G-SHOCK. Introducing analogue models to the range expanded possibilities in design and technology, this analogue lineage has been perpetuated through various models over the years.

Fast forward to the year 2020, marking three decades since the milestone design launched. The introduction of the resin AW-500E and the metal AWM-500 represents not mere reissues, but rather the roots of an evolution, while retaining the essence of their Tough origin. With an unwavering commitment to creativity and innovation, the G-SHOCK brand consistently elevates itself to new heights.


Simple & Minimal

Incorporating the renowned shock-resistant architecture of G-SHOCK, the AW-500 takes a bold stride towards the very core of durability with a streamlined approach. By encapsulating this enduring concept, the model not only upholds a design that remains vibrant even after three decades but also exemplifies resilience in every detail.

Round Form

Embracing a case design that is meticulously crafted from a solid block of resin, this watch adopts the pristine allure of a perfect circle – a motif that is both primal and fundamental. The guards are thoughtfully shaped to discreetly conceal the buttons when observed from the front.

Variant Hand Shapes

The AW-500 models minute hand adopts an arrow-like shape with perforations, while the hour hand embraces a framed form. By placing a significant emphasis on the distinct presence of the hour and minute hands, especially when they overlap, the watch's unique arrow design plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall dial aesthetics.

Index Design

A dial presentation that is unmistakably distinctive, the AW-500 fulfils the G-SHOCK commitment to 200-meter water resistance. Drawing inspiration from the design of diver's watches, it incorporates a layout showcasing a triangular marker and a minute-displaying index. This amalgamation of features enhances both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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