G-SHOCK Black Watches

CASIO's G-SHOCK black watches are where durability and functionality fuse with a bold, energetic style that knows no bounds. Designed to stand up nicely to everyday wear, knocks, bumps and extreme outdoor conditions, our black watches are a testament to CASIO’s commitment to quality, durability, functionality and fearless style.

At the heart of every G-SHOCK black watch is our relentless pursuit of precision. If you’re active and want to track your athletic progress, opt for a G-SQUAD black watch with advanced, in-built features like heart rate monitors, GPS tracking, accelerometers to count your daily steps and a gyroscope to detect your strokes and turns when swimming. 

In addition to the cutting-edge features of our G-SHOCK black watches, their matte finish makes them a refreshingly bold style statement, combining sportiness with effortless sophistication to take you from your weekend adventures to your 9 a.m. boardroom meeting.  

Shop our selection and tackle any event, terrain or sweat session with a G-SHOCK black watch — a celebration of style, innovation and resilience.