G-SHOCK MRGBF1000R Watch Theme


The latest addition to the MR-G Series

New to the MR-G series, the MRGBF1000R adopts the distinctive asymmetric form of the FROGMAN line of diver’s watches.


With ISO 200-meter water resistance, the MRGBF1000R employs the classic FROGMAN asymmetric design with the case shifted slightly leftward to ensure unrestricted wrist movement underwater - a popular feature that has made the FROGMAN one of the G-SHOCK’s signature lines.

To strengthen the shock-resistant structure, fluoro rubber buffers are incorporated into exterior components around the case, helping to absorb shocks as well as to protect the crystal. The case back employs a screw-lock construction press-fit with sapphire crystal to ensure a highly airtight structure while boosting radio wave reception sensitivity.

Pairing with the dedicated CASIO WATCHES smartphone app allows users to review records of their diving activities, including dive times and locations, and to easily access tide graphs for approximately 3,300 spots around the world.

The dedicated MR-G module features a gold-plated retainer plate. The screw-lock case back is fit with sapphire crystal finished in vibrant blue vapour deposition and engraved with the iconic FROGMAN diving frog character.