G-SHOCK Clear Remix Skeleton Watch Collection


Internal constructions infused with the G-SHOCK identity of toughness

G-SHOCK Clear Remix

See-through LCD

See-through material is used for the LCD to let the underlying circuit board show through. On the exclusively developed circuit board, the metal LSI cover has gold IP applied to it and is engraved with four stars to commemorate four decades of G-SHOCK.

See-through LCD
See-Through Dial
Offering a distinct view of the composition of components
See-through dial

The design offers clear views of the distinctive face moulding, down to the forms of individual components. The application of black printing to the underside of the dial helps prevent the penetration of light from outside, and provides accents that give the face an impressive look.

An homage to the materials used in iconic G-SHOCK models of the past
Multi-material band

The band design featuring appealing, contrasting combinations of resin and metal materials symbolically expresses the evolution of materials used in G-SHOCK watches.

Multi-Material Band

Ever since its debut in 1983, G-SHOCK has been defined by shock-resistant construction and toughness-driven design. This lineup of watches visually expresses that identity with strikingly innovative compositions of components making liberal use of see-through materials.

G-SHOCK continuously reconstructs the original in new forms with a vision that overturns the conventional. This spirit of challenge is incorporated in the unorthodox design of these very special watches — a fitting look to commemorate 40 years of G-SHOCK innovation.

In a first for a G-SHOCK timepiece, the centre case is made of see-through glass fibre-reinforced resin, a material offering excellent weather resistance.

The words “SINCE 1983” are printed on the watch face and the case back is engraved with a 40th anniversary commemorative logo.

Together with the see-through resin bezel and band, key components that make up the shock-resistant structure feature a unified clear colour scheme.