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History of G-SHOCK


Landmark moments in the making of an icon.


5000/5600 Series

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500 Series

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6900 Series

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110 Series

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2100 Series

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5000/5600 Series

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500 Series

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6900 Series

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110 Series

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2100 Series

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The origin of G-SHOCK

An impressively powerful sense of presence from the very start.

Shock resistance delivered by a hollow case structure supporting the core module at certain points and a covering of urethane around the entire case.



Low temperature resistance (down to −30°C) achieved

A watch that continues to function even in extreme cold with resistance to low temperatures all the way down to −30°C.



First Mud Resist model

An all-new G-SHOCK approach ensures dust- and mud-resistance, using two-tone molding to shield the case and module. Achieved with the revolutionary concept of eliminating spaces between the buttons and case.



First watch in the long-selling 5600 line

Inheriting the iconic form of the original DW-5000, this watch delivered strong sales for nine years through 1996, when the EL backlight-equipped DW-5600E was released.



First junior-sized G-SHOCK

A downsized G-SHOCK meticulously maintaining the same functionality and design as the DW-5600C, a compact watch considered to be the origin of the BABY-G line.



First analogue-digital combination G-SHOCK

Delivering 20-bar water resistance and shock resistance

With an innovative new construction that seems to “float” the analogue movement to absorb impacts.



First 1/1000-second stopwatch

Equipped with a stopwatch function delivering millisecond-level measurements — a feat originally said to be impossible in a wristwatch-sized timepiece — a revolutionary watch achieving accuracy comparable to equipment used at competitive athletic events.



First sensor-equipped G-SHOCK

The first sensor-equipped G-SHOCK, fitting a module with a thermo sensor into the limited space of the wristwatch, the watch offers display of temperatures from −20 to 60°C, plus graphic display of changes in temperature.



The milestone model that connected G-SHOCK with fashion

With its iconic triple graph dials sometimes likened to three eyes, the pioneer that sparked a G-SHOCK boom in Japan. The DW-5900C made an especially big hit with skateboarders on the US West Coast after first being released outside Japan in 1990, and it grabbed the spotlight in Japan when a string of musicians and other entertainment trendsetters began wearing the watch.



First G-SHOCK diver’s watch

The debut of the FROGMAN line of G-SHOCK timepieces delivering ISO 200-meter water resistance, employing asymmetrical design to ensure unimpeded wrist movement.



First FROGMAN with water depth sensor

A long-running Sky Force model with a large case and sensors featuring shock resistance as well. The watch’s pressure sensor enables measurement of atmospheric pressure, altitude, and water depth.



First blue-glowing EL backlight-equipped watch

The first G-SHOCK equipped with an EL backlight that gives a vivid glow in the dark. A vibrant red G logo appears in the LCD when the front button is pressed.




A G-SHOCK timepiece equipped with an atmospheric pressure sensor and altimeter, featuring an altitude memory function. The watch measures altitude from −6,000 to 6,000 min 5-m increments and provides an altitude alarm function that beeps when the designated altitude is reached.



Capsule Tough construction with shock absorption

NEXAX, a new approach to G-SHOCK design, introduces a new shock-resistant structure fully enveloping the case, including the case back, with urethane resin material based on a concept of Capsule Tough design. Newly developed shock absorbers are installed to provide both shock resistance and an exceptionally comfortable fit.



A second NEXAX model

Employing G-SHOCK’s original NEXAX construction that envelops the case from the case back based on a concept of Capsule Tough design, the watch provides low-temperature resistance down to −20°C.



Second watch employing mud-resistant structure

The MUDMAN is born, a second G-SHOCK featuring a construction to offer strong mud and dust resistance. The buttons, which are particularly susceptible to mud and dust, are entirely covered with urethane material and are over-sized, making them easy to press even when wearing gloves.



Cultural icon with era-spanning popularity

The start of a diverse range of variations

Featuring a urethane case with a front button and three round graphic displays lined up in a row, this watch marks the debut of the 6900 line.



MR-G: A full-metal G-SHOCK

The MR-G line boasts the G-SHOCK shock-resistant structure with a metal construction for the first time, offering a sophisticated, adult-oriented design. Finally, in the 13th year since the debut of the G-SHOCK, the watch goes full-metal.



G-COOL: Cool ’n Tough

The G-COOL debuts with an entirely new streamlined form. While inheriting the shock-resistant structure of G-SHOCK, the watch incorporates refined elements, including a slim body and a dial with a negative LCD and a hologram.



Code Name Cipher: Featuring data management functions

Pursuing highly multifunctional wristwatches, Casio developed a G-SHOCK that can best be described as “an information device for the wrist.” The watch allows conversion using 16-character messages and Morse code and stores memory for up to 100 telephone numbers and 100 schedule items for one year. Additionally, it includes memory for details such as names, blood types, birthdates, credit card numbers, license numbers, and passport numbers.



RISEMAN: Built-in twin sensors

The very first RISEMAN model, equipped with a pair of built-in sensors providing measurements of atmospheric pressure, altitude, and temperature. The name means “the man closest to the sun.”



First solar-powered G-SHOCK, with Tough Solar charging

Debut of the RAYSMAN, a watch that stores up power from light to deliver its full potential even in the dark, with a battery mark displaying the battery level. Light received by the solar panel dial is converted to power to charge the battery.



Anti-magnetic construction resistant to magnetic interference

The GAUSSMAN, the second analog-digital G-SHOCK, incorporates a mud-resistant structure as well. Developed in response to strong demand from analog supporters who resonated with the G-SHOCK concept of a shock-resistant structure.



GIEZ: Refined design with luxe quality

Debut of the GIEZ timepieces, born of a passion for refined design and luxe quality, based on the “Simple, Smart, Sophisticated” concept. The model achieves these qualities with a compact form and slim profile.



The WADEMAN, featuring a rotating bezel for measuring compass bearing

Equipped with an electronic compass that uses a magnetic sensor to measure compass bearings in one-degree increments.



The LUNGMAN, featuring a pulse sensor

Developed with triathletes in mind, the watch comes equipped with features including a heart rate measurement function that uses a sensor to detect blood flow in the fingertips.



Innovative functional beauty achieved with metal and resin

Debut of the MT-G, short for Metal-Twisted G-SHOCK, featuring innovative functional beauty achieved with combinations of metal and resin. The first MT-G watch adopts a new approach to the shock-resistant structure with the Triple Floating Guard.



NEXAX to absorb impacts from the back of the watch

Employing NEXAX, an original G-SHOCK approach that envelops the case from the back based on a concept of Capsule Tough design, the model incorporates winglike protectors to absorb impacts from the back of the watch.



Refining G-SHOCK's Masterpieces

Structural enhancements for true shock resistance

Redefining the ultimate in toughness through refinements in accuracy and durability



First radio-controlled G-SHOCK

Debut of the ANTMAN, the first G-SHOCK to receive standard time radio waves with time-calibration signals to ensure highly accurate timekeeping. Equipped with an antenna housed in the urethane resin cover on the left side.



Customizable dual-layer LCD

A dual-layer combination of different LCDs enables a diverse range of display options. The user can freely switch between a number of preset display modes to enjoy an ever-changing watch face.



Tough Solar charging added to the 5600 line

Employs a newly designed shock-resistant structure featuring a carbon fiber-reinforced resin case inserted with a specially processed metal reinforcement plate. The new construction achieves a profile comparable to the DW-5600E even while incorporating a solar panel.



First radio-controlled, solar-powered G-SHOCK

Incorporates radio wave reception in addition to the Casio original high-capacity Tough Solar charging system. Equipped with a compact, highly sensitive amorphous antenna capable of receiving standard time radio waves in Japan and North America.



First analog G-SHOCK with solar power and radio control

Features the first combination of an analog movement and Tough Solar charging in a G-SHOCK, plus an antenna for radio wave reception and a shock-resistant structure. The watch presents a sophisticated look as well, with its forged metal bezel and case back, solid metal band, and more.



Solar power and radio control added to the flagship MR-G line

MR-G, the flagship line of the G-SHOCK brand, presents a model featuring radio wave reception, Tough Solar charging, and three watch hands. A diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating is applied to the entire watch, and a titanium alloy is used for the bezel and case back.



Solar power and radio control added to the 5600 line

The 5600 line, with its emblematic octagonal design, presents a watch featuring radio wave reception and Tough Solar charging.



GIEZ: Five-motor drive chronograph

The first G-SHOCK with a chronograph module featuring world time with a seven-hand plus date display. Achieved with a newly developed five-motor analog module equipped with an ultra-precise mechanism.



Solar power and radio control added to the first-generation analog-digital G-SHOCK

The AW-500, the first G-SHOCK with a shock-resistant analog-digital module, now equipped with radio wave reception and Tough Solar charging capabilities. This combination watch achieves a genuine evolution while vividly preserving the iconic round case design.



MUDMAN with solar power and radio control

The watch features a dust- and mud-resistant construction, plus Multiband 5 radio control to receive time calibration signals transmitted from five stations around the world — Japan (two stations), North America, the UK, and Germany. Also equipped with the Casio original high-capacity Tough Solar charging system.



MUDMAN built for rally racing

Employs a stopwatch function specially designed for rally races. Designed and engineered to provide a comfortable fit and continue working even amid the mud and dust of rally conditions with its dust- and mud-resistant construction.



GULFMAN with a rust-resistant structure, solar power and radio control

Rust-resistant titanium is adopted for all externally exposed metal components, from the screws, case back, and buckle down to the button shafts. Equipped with Multiband 5 radio control to receive time calibration signals transmitted from five stations around the world, plus a Tough Solar charging system capable of converting even light from fluorescent lamps.



MT-G chronograph with solar power and radio control

Delivering on the passion for realising the endless potential of G-SHOCK, this MT-G presents a new evolution in the form of a solar-powered, radio-controlled chronograph. The watch employs a shock-resistant five-motor analog module.



Multiband 5 radio control added to the 5600 line

While incorporating Multiband 5 radio control to receive time calibration signals transmitted from five stations around the world — Japan (two stations), North America, the UK, and Germany — the watch boasts the slimmest profile yet in the 5600 line, at just 12.7 mm.



RISEMAN with world’s first* Multiband 6 radio control

RISEMAN timepiece featuring the world’s first* use of Multiband 6 radio control to receive time calibration signals from six stations around the world — Japan (two stations), the US, Germany, the UK, and, newly added, China. Design incorporating a robust center shaft that runs through the case laterally enables the inclusion of twin sensors — a pressure sensor and thermo sensor — to measure altitude, barometric pressure, and temperature.

*Based on a Casio survey as of May 2008.



The first G-SHOCK employing slim analog Tough Movement with solar power and radio control

The Tough Movement features Multiband 6 radio control to receive time calibration signals from six stations around the world, the hybrid mount construction to increase the movement’s durability, and auto hand home position correction in case the watch hands happen to go out of alignment. It is powered by the Casio original high-capacity Tough Solar charging system.



Tough Movement added to the flagship MR-G line

A five-part case is employed to achieve sophisticated textures in its finishing and beauty of form. The exterior is strengthened with the application of a double-hardening process to key components and a DLC coating to the screws and side buttons. The watch employs the Tough Movement incorporating a five-motor chronograph module, enabling Multiband 6 radio control for more accurate timekeeping in a wide range of areas, plus auto hand home position correction.



FROGMAN with solar power and Multiband 6 radio control

Debut of the fifth-generation FROGMAN, a diver’s watch that delivers true value when pushed to the extremes. In addition to the shock-resistant structure, the watch incorporates water resistance, practicality, and functionality designed for underwater activities, as well as even more advanced solar charging system and Multiband 6 radio control.



Specialized pilot’s watch, resistant to centrifugal force as well as shock

Capable of keeping time even amid the strong centrifugal force experienced during acrobatic flying and other such conditions. Hands are shaped to provide optimized weight balance, enabling high-speed rotation of the chronograph hands even during flight. Tough Movement-equipped.



High-impact, oversized design

Inventive design expresses the characteristic toughness of G-SHOCK

The watch features a large case size for high impact and a dial featuring a dimensional arrangement of components with complex forms.



First analog-digital timepiece in SKY COCKPIT line

The new combination of digital displays provides even better readability. The only watch in the SKY COCKPIT line with a full-auto LED light. World time-enabled, with simultaneous display of times in three cities provided by the hour and minute hands, an LCD, and an indicator hand in the inset dial at the 3 o’clock position.



Twin sensor-equipped MUDMAN with solar power and radio control

A MUDMAN featuring a new dust- and mud-resistant construction. The newly developed structure with a single-piece urethane cover over the three-key line of buttons on one side provides an even tighter seal. Equipped with twin sensors to measure compass bearing and temperature.



Equipped with Triple G Resist for vibration resistance

Newly developed Triple G Resist technology protects the module from shock, centrifugal force, and vibration. The space between the exterior case and the module contains high-grade αGEL® to reduce vibrations. The cylindrical module shape inspired by seismically isolated structures used for earthquake-proofing and the covered sides and base help prevent strong vibrations from reaching the module.



First smartphone-linkable next-generation model

Provides connectivity with smartphones offering Bluetooth® Low Energy support to provide automatic time correction and notifications of incoming calls, emails, and more on the watch display. The watch can be tapped to stop the smartphone’s ringtone, and a watch button can be pressed to find the phone.



Eagerly anticipated Multiband 6 support

Inheriting the iconic case and face design of the very first G-SHOCK — the DW-5000 — this watch also adds Multiband 6 to receive time calibration signals transmitted from six stations around the world — Japan (two stations), China, the US, the UK, and Germany — for automatic time correction, plus the Tough Solar charging system.



Triple G Resist + Smart Access

The Triple G Resist construction helps the watch withstand three types of gravitational acceleration — shock, centrifugal force, and vibration. Meanwhile, the Smart Access system enables smooth operation of a wide range of functions. A large, electronic crown switch with a quick-lock mechanism helps ensure swift, reliable operability. The watch includes a thermo sensor and provides full-analog display.



Triple G Resist + Smart Access + digital compass

Capable of swiftly and simply providing compass bearings using a state-of-the-art magnetic sensor. The first G-SHOCK to employ carbon-fiber in the second hand used to indicate direction. It also uses sapphire crystal with a non-reflective coating. The watch with the widest face in the SKY COCKPIT line at 35.65 mm.



Newly developed Core Guard structure

New development yields the shock-resistant Core Guard structure. Employing the Triple G Resist construction as well, the watch delivers on its passion for the ultimate in toughness. It also features a layered-composite band with fine-resin panels offering excellent durability to the underside of the band. On top of Smart Access and Multiband 6, the watch also offers dual time for simultaneous display of times in two cities.



First G-SHOCK with triple sensor

Featuring the newly developed ultra-tough Button Guard Cylinder construction, a timepiece intended for specialist use in particularly harsh environments. It also includes a direct time-stamp function capable of storing the time with a single button push, a stopwatch that can also be started with a single push, a high-brightness LED backlight, and a carbon fiber insert band.



An ocean concept helping to forecast changes in weather

The first G-SHOCK to feature triple sensor (ver. 3) and Smart Access technology together. The triple sensor measures compass bearing, barometric pressure and altitude, and temperature, with freely moving inset dial hands to indicate atmospheric pressure changes and compass bearing.



World’s first*1 watch with both GPS and radio wave time-calibration signal reception

The world’s first*1 watch equipped with a time acquisition system capable of receiving time calibration signals from both Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and standard time radio wave signals. The shock-resistant body employing Triple Resist technology is built tough enough to withstand hard use. The GPS hybrid radio-controlled, solar-powered system*2 enables precision timekeeping around the world, further expanding the reach of the G-SHOCK brand of tough watches.

*1 Based on a Casio survey as of June 25, 2014.
*2 A feature offering location measurement via GPS or time adjustment using standard time radio wave reception powered by Casio original solar charging system.



G'MIX: More advanced smartphone pairing for active enjoyment of music

Pairs with the newly developed G’MIX dedicated smartphone app* using a large rotary switch at the 3 o’clock position to enable intuitive music controls including skipping between tracks, volume adjustment, and an equalizer function to adjust the tonal quality and “live” feeling of music.

*Support for the dedicated G’MIX app is no longer offered.



High-impact, oversized design

The origin and its evolution

Each inspired by its own special spirit of toughness, the GA-110 and GM-110 create G-SHOCK history in novel forms.



Reliable operation in the dirt, dust, and sand of harsh environments

A dust- and mud-resistant construction keeps out sand, mud, and dust to ensure reliable operation even in the harshest of conditions. Loaded with a variety of functions to support use at the extremes of the earth, from jungles to deserts, including triple sensor (ver. 3) technology to provide precise information on mission-critical measurements, such as compass bearing, temperature, and altitude.



Shock-resistant MT-G with GPS hybrid radio control and solar power

Featuring the MT-G original Core Guard structure and Triple G Resist, the watch also incorporates the long awaited GPS hybrid radio-controlled, solar-powered system. With its combination of resin-and-metal hybrid design and a Casio-original hybrid time adjustment system, a truly innovative timepiece.



First FROGMAN with a depth gauge

The first FROGMAN diving watch equipped with a depth meter, developed based on advice and feedback from professional divers, whose duties take them into some of the toughest environments imaginable. Provides measurements for a wealth of important diving information including compass bearing and water temperature, as well as ISO 200-meter water resistance and a depth gauge capable of measuring down to 80 meters. Designed for experts looking for serious performance in a diver’s watch.



Quad sensor-equipped for marine mission support

Designed for those who set out on marine missions in harsh conditions, a timepiece delivering a higher-dimensional fusion of toughness and information recognition. The first quad-sensor G-SHOCK, providing high-precision measurements of water depth, compass bearing, barometric pressure and temperature, and altitude.



Dimensional face combines powerful strength with unique toughness-oriented design

An analog-digital combination watch featuring a front button — an iconic feature of G-SHOCK face design, emblematic of toughness — at the 6 o’clock position.



World’s first* watch equipped with a trio of time acquisition systems

To deliver the precision timekeeping that aviation missions demand, the watch features a time adjustment system pairing a GPS hybrid radio-controlled, solar-powered system with Bluetooth® connectivity.

*Based on a Casio survey as of March 1, 2017.



Tough Bluetooth®-enabled chronograph

Chronograph with an analog display expressing a passion for the challenge of delivering new, truly tough design. Equipped with Bluetooth® connectivity as well, to ensure absolute accuracy.



World’s first*1 solar-assisted GPS navigation

A watch built to resist impacts, dust and mud, low temperatures, and underwater pressure, featuring the world’s first*1 solar-assisted GPS navigation function.*2 Delivers strong, reliable support in mission-critical situations with a guide function combining GPS capabilities with a compass to lead the way to the desired destination, as well as a memory function that records track and waypoint data.

*1 Based on a Casio survey as of January 30, 2018.
*2 Solar charging can be used to resume GPS functions for a limited time even when the battery level is too low to support GPS functions.



First full-metal take on the first-ever G-SHOCK

The G-SHOCK point of origin — the iconic DW-5000 — realized in a full-metal form. A new shock-resistant structure employs hard stainless steel for the bezel and band, and advanced functions such as Smartphone Link are included as well.



First mid-sized MT-G

MT-G watch featuring leading-edge technology and Bluetooth® connectivity in a shock-resistant body combining metal and resin. Watch design features integration of the lugs and pipes, adoption of the Core Guard structure to protect the module, and use of carbon fiber-reinforced resin to achieve weight reduction and shock resistance.



Minimalist design with the octagonal form of the very first G-SHOCK

Streamlined, minimalist design inherited from the first-ever G-SHOCK

Offered in a slim, compact form with a pairing of the iconic octagonal bezel and stylish dial.



Newly developed Carbon Core Guard structure

Delivers high strength and the lightest weight of any watch in the GRAVITYMASTER line with a carbon fiber-reinforced resin case and the newly developed shock-resistant Carbon Core Guard structure to protect the module.



Based on the GA-110, covered with metal

Design featuring all-new coloration, materials, and finishing while maintaining the distinctive design identity of the digital-analog combination GA-110. A timepiece clad in a metal exterior, born of a novel industrial-meets-street design concept.



Integrated bezel and band construction

A new approach to toughness-driven design adopting an integrated bezel and band construction, with Smartphone Link to facilitate a full range of functions. Features bezel design with a construction comprising separate top and bottom components.