Toughest Frog in the Pond


A crystal clear reflection of G-SHOCK innovation and passion

The Frogman line is sought far and wide by underwater adventurers for its eclectic form, unrivalled performance, and legendary frog logo. It first broke the surface in 1993 and has continued to impress ever since, with an incredible ISO 200-metre water resistance rating and patented shock-resistant materials. The newest addition to the line continues this legacy, boasting a full titanium build for a luxurious feel.

The airtight MRGBF1000B-1A emphasises the beauty the Frogman line has always been known for while remaining completely uncompromising on its performance.

To do this, the latest model swaps out the line’s usual resin in place of a drippy rust-resistant titanium band that has been constructed with over 70 exterior components that were individually crafted and polished. Water wouldn’t dare infiltrate the frog, with an O-ring waterproof seal providing expert resistance. Special buffers have also been added to the shock-resistant structure, as it wouldn’t be a G-SHOCK without that infallible toughness.

The MRGBF1000B-1A is dedicated to not only being the toughest frog in the pond, but also the best looking.

It features a gold-plated retainer plate that is complemented by volcanic red accents on both the face and the screw-lock case back. Since it’d be a shame to hide this Frog under a sleeve, the band is extendable so it can sit pretty on top of a wetsuit. There’s nothing shallow about the tech either, with a dive and graph more, Bluetooth connectivity and solar-powered timekeeping all contributing to unparalleled performance.