The Unbreakable Legacy of the G-SHOCK DW5000C

It’s the legendary watch that started it all. Debuting in 1983, the G-SHOCK DW5000C was the unbreakable progenitor from which all else followed. Designed by intrepid engineer Kikuo Ibe, the circuit-breaking model has endured shocks, drops and everything else Earth could throw at it for over 40 years.

1996: Readability in the dark

Maintaining its rock-solid core while implementing all the shiny new tech from G-SHOCK R+D, time has never stood still for the 5000 series. In the mid-90s, the development of an EL backlight improved the practicality of the dial light function, eventually evolving into a fully fledged high-visibility LED light.

2002: Converting light to energy

Later in the 2000s, G-SHOCK harnessed the sun to power the 5000 series, with the patented Tough Solar technology quickly becoming a mainstay. Other watershed moments include the introduction of Bluetooth connectivity for smartphone integration and the innovation of a luxurious full-metal construction, which mind-bogglingly retained the adamantine genealogy of its predecessors.

5600 Series

Running alongside the success of the 5000 series is the 5600, which the Japanese watchmakers debuted in 1987 after seeing the initial success of the OG DW5000C. The 5600 model retained the power of the OG while becoming slimmer and more compact by using resin for the case and back. The 5600 soon became an unstoppable force for G-SHOCK, as it was a featherweight fighter that offered an everyday alternative to the 5000’s premium materials. 

G - SHOCK - GMWB5000SS - 2D - CASIO Australia

Sky & Sea: CASIO's 50th Anniversary Collection

The latest G-SHOCK model to join the eternal 5000 series is the luxurious, full-metal GMWB5000SS-2D from the ‘Sky & Sea’ collection, which celebrates CASIO’s 50th anniversary. Featuring a unique stainless steel case and band with a blue ion-plated finish, this is one shimmering edition that epitomises the series’s impeccable DNA.