The Kigumi MRGB2100B-1A Is a Mesmerising Work of Art

It’s time to welcome the very first G-SHOCK 2100 to the legendary MR-G line: the MRGB2100B-1A. Inspired by the Japanese art ofkigumi, an ancient craft of interlocking wooden joints, the MRGB2100B-1A is the ultimate combination of labyrinthian complexity and state-of-the-art power.

Every single detail here pays homage to painstaking Japanese mastery, from the stunning dial design to the premium materials. Featuring the preternaturally tough titanium alloy Ti64, each of the 27 bezel components is polished prior to assembly, giving the timepiece a distortion-free and eye-wateringly detailed texture. The bezel top is fashioned from COBARION, an alloy that is four times harder than pure titanium and has an iridescent gleam usually reserved for quiet moments of divine inspiration.

You’d also be forgiven for getting lost in time (quite literally) when it comes to the sophisticated latticework dial, which borrows its artisanal pattern from traditional Japanese wooden joinery techniques. It’s not purely visual, either, as the intricate series of geometric openings actually allow sunlight in for solar power generation, a stunning detail again honouring the forensic craftsmanship of kigumi.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the lauded MR-G line without a whole repertoire of technical wizardry, including G-SHOCK’s patented impact protection. Solar-powered timekeeping with Bluetooth and radio control will ensure accurate timekeeping no matter where you are, while high-brightness LED light is the ultimate nocturnal companion. 

Steeped in tradition but loaded with G-SHOCK’s modern craftsmanship, the MRGB2100B-1A is a true work of art.