One of G-SHOCK’s premium range, the MR-G, has taken on a new challenge: incorporating traditional Japanese forging techniques normally used for armour and copperware, and implementing that into the ultimate timepiece. Using these techniques and colours favoured by Samurai warriors in the Warring States, the MR-G has been given a unique and culture-rich story to tell.
Well received for its appearance of strength and tranquility, the MRGG2000GA features a crescent shaped cut on the bezel that mimics the tip of a sword, paired with a deep violet AIP treatment on the titanium case to express its deep purple colour.
The most distinctive feature of the collaboration is the design of the band. The titanium construction is likened to the “nakago” of a sword (the part of the sword covered by the hilt), and a “Yasurime” finish (a pattern of stripes on the stem) is applied to the band’s middle sinew. Following the previous model, the MRGB2000GA features these stripes, which in swords prevent the blade from falling off the handle, each one hand engraved by the sixth generation of the Gassan family of swordsmiths.
Another highlight of the MRGB2000GA is the “Ayasugi Hada” on the top bezel, a pattern that symbolizes the Gassan sword. The previous MRGG2000GA model, which beautifully expressed the unique atmosphere of Japanese swords, attracted watch enthusiasts not only in Japan but also overseas. When the project for the second model came up, Mr. Gassan wanted to further refine the design, which led to the adoption of the “Ayasugi Hada” pattern.
“My father, who is my mentor, is still working, and the traditional techniques passed down from my ancestors are precious. So as long as I am working with the name Gassan on my shoulders, I myself am making daily efforts to keep the reputation clean. This is my belief. When Casio asked me to express the character of Gassan further, I made several proposals, but what I realized was Gassan's most distinctive feature, the “Ayasugi Hada '' pattern. The pattern is so distinctive that those who love Japanese swords will recognize it as Gassan, and this time it is not just a design, but Casio was developed from the material itself. The “Ayasugi Hada” of Gassan is a pattern created in the process of forging materials to make swords, and I was very impressed by the fact that the bezel of this MR-G is made in a similar way.”
In order to express the unique “Ayasugi Hada”, the MRGB2000GA introduces a new metal laminated molding technology. First, 64 titanium powder is laser-irradiated with the pattern to solidify only the patterned portion, which is then stacked to form a cylindrical member. The rest of the pattern is left hollow, but by adding pure titanium powder and applying pressure, the 64Ti and pure titanium are bonded together. After the bezel is cut into the shape of the bezel, special treatment recrystallizes only the pure titanium, revealing the border between the titanium and the 64Ti, and the “Ayasugi Hada” pattern becomes visible. Although this is state-of-the-art technology, the pattern has a uniqueness, and each piece has a slightly different appearance, as if it were created entirely by hand.
G-SHOCK will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2023 and the MR-G, the peak of G-SHOCK, will continue to take on various challenges to build up the iconic image of its own