The G-SHOCK Flare Red Collection

G-SHOCK’s 40th Anniversary celebrations have kicked off with a bang, featuring the first of two special models to commemorate the milestone. 
The Flare Red collection features the ever-popular MT-G and MUDMASTER base models, both of which embody G-SHOCK’s advanced design and desire to push the boundaries of timekeeping.
The striking design and organic red and orange pattern on the bezel mimics an explosion of the sun, also known as a solar flare, which demonstrates a powerful expression that is worth of a momentous anniversary.
Taking a look back at the concepts of previous models, the sun motif not only utilises the brand’s colours in a way that would best suit the anniversary, but also marks the beginning of a new era for the brand.
The MTGB300FR and GWG2040FR both feature a multi-coloured carbon insert bezel, created by using a new mold with 3D undulations. Carbon and glass fibre sheets are then laminated to create the pattern, then after pressing, distorting, and cutting the laminated sheets the solar flare motif begins to appear, as if a topographical map with contour lines were mapped out in black and red.
On both watches, part of the bezel features luminescent particles, allowing them to glow in the dark and create a fantastic appearance. In the GWG2040FR, the bezel parts at 12 and 6 o'clock are also made of luminescent forged carbon. Immense care was taken to control the amount and particle size of the luminescent material so that they would not be unevenly distributed, while at the same time ensuring shock resistance.
Another design accent in expressing the solar flare is the presence of IP-treated metal parts: the bezel ring is made of pink gold IP and the push buttons, crown, and other parts are made of rose gold IP. The combination of these with the multi-coloured bezel further strengthens the image of flames.
The Flare Red, which incorporates new technology, is not only a 40th anniversary model, but also a timepiece that shows off G-SHOCK's technological prowess. In particular, the novel look of the solar flare motif is a further development of the CMF (colour, material, and finish) design that has been promoted for the past several years.
With G-SHOCK's technical capabilities as well as its planning and production systems further refined, the new 40th year of the G-SHOCK line is sure to bring even more originality to its unique design expressions and further evolution to attract even more watch fans.