G-SHOCK to launch limited-edition collections to celebrate its 40th Anniversary

G-SHOCK to launch limited-edition collections to celebrate its 40th Anniversary
G-SHOCK’s 40th Anniversary celebrations have kicked off with a bang. So far, four limited-edition watches have been announced with more on the horizon as we head into the new year. Continuing a long-running partnership with G-SHOCK, including designing the anniversary logos since the 25th Anniversary, Eric Haze has teamed up to release a limited-edition metal watch, adding to the line-up of existing metal watches that G-SHOCK has on offer.


Flare Red Series
The Flare Red series is the first limited-edition series to be announced by G-SHOCK in celebration of its 40th Anniversary and features the Mudmaster GWG2040FR-1A and premium MTGB3000FR-1A. The flame-like models are inspired by the traditional black and red colours of the G-SHOCK brand and are further elevated with a multicolour carbon-insert bezel featuring a solar flare theme. Utilising layers of carbon and glass fibre sheets containing phosphorescent particles that glow in the dark, each bezel is completely unique.
G-SHOCK GWG2040FR-1A Flare Red Watch MTGB3000FR-1A Flare Red Watch | G-SHOCK
The Mudmaster GWG2040FR-1A is also mud-resistant and has the Triple Sensor (pressure: altimeter-barometer, compass, thermometer). The MTGB3000FR-1A has Triple G Resist (protection against shock, centrifugal force, and vibration) and Bluetooth smartphone link.
Eric Haze x G-SHOCK Watch
Eric Haze x G-SHOCK
Featuring a black ion-plated bezel and band, the watch face completes the understated yet bold design with shades of grey. Eric Haze’s GMWB5000EH-1D also features his signature asterisk-like motif across the stainless-steel band, resembling digital camouflage due to the style of etching employed. Finally, Haze’s personalised tag appears in red on the LED backlight of the watch face.
G-SHOCK Eric Haze GMWB5000EH-1D Watch G-SHOCK Eric Haze GMWB5000EH-1D LED
Complete with Tough Solar power, auto radio time correction and Bluetooth smartphone link, this watch and other full metal watches from G-SHOCK pay respect to the original G-SHOCK DW5600 from 1983.
G-SHOCK Premium Mr-G Watch
Limited to just 500 units worldwide is the MRGB2000GA-1A, the latest in the line-up of 40th Anniversary models to be announced by G-SHOCK. Taking elements of Gassan sword blades and the 800-year-old techniques used to create them, this G-SHOCK is a very special one. The bezel is crafted from a combination of pure titanium and Ti64 titanium and features a special Ayasugi pattern seen on Gassan sword blades, created from layers of forged steel. The result of using a special recrystalising and ion-plating process is that each bezel features a unique pattern. Each watch is truly one of a kind.
Using a heat-treated process, the case surface resembles the pattern seen on the Gassan sword blades and has been treated with a deep hardening and titanium carbide treatment to improve strength and wear resistance.
Finally, the timepiece has a metal plate on the upper left side of the case, engraved with “G-SHOCK 40TH” to commemorate the anniversary, and the titanium band is finished with markings in the style of the kesho file marks seen on the handle of the sword blades, applied by sixth-generation master sword-smith Sadanobu Gassan.
G-SHOCK Premium MRGB2000GA-1A Mr-G Watch
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