For your toughest workouts.
Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make

The G-SQUAD 5600 Will Be Watching You.

G-SHOCK’s lion-hearted G-SQUAD line has revealed its latest indomitable members: the DWH5600-1A2, DWH5600-7D, and DWH5600MB-8D. Equipped with both infallible toughness and sports-driven tech, these are some souped-up timepieces that we don’t mind tracking our every move. 

The trailblazing G-SHOCK lab has been hard at work taking the unbeatable tough watch and transforming it into a piece that tracks every step more diligently than The Police. Specifically built for four kinds of workouts (running, walking, gym workouts, and interval training), this group of DWH5600s uses an optical sensor and accelerometer to measure heart rate, distance, and calories burned, which can then be made more accurate by connecting your smartphone. To top it all off, G-SHOCK has harnessed algorithms from Polar Electro Oy, a pioneer in the sports computer industry and the creator of the very first wireless heart rate monitor, to provide detailed analyses on your sleep and training data. 

Now, just because you’re pounding the pavement doesn’t mean you can’t tread lightly on the environment. The bio-based resin case, bezel and band reduces the carbon footprint of the watch, while recycled packaging materials help us stride towards a more circular economy in the future. The G-SQUAD series does all this while still retaining the vintage pulse that made it legendary in the late 80s – including the iconic octagonal form.

The G-SQUAD 5600 is one series your heart will never stop beating for.

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