Shougeki-Maru: Gai

A G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary commemorative model
Exquisite design created with artisanal craftwork

Expressing the warrior’s spirit of strength and grace with pure white.

Introducing a very special timepiece that integrates tradition with innovation, based on the motif of the Shougeki-Maru: Gai, akabuto helmet CASIO commissioned for the MR-G line, with the “Gai” designation signifying a pure white hue. Down to intricate facets of the moulding, the design incorporates the worldview of a samurai commander, exuding the strength to stay true to oneself.

The pure white band, evoking the look of the white ito odoshi (the overlaying plates of armour bound together with white string) used in the helmet, is made with flexible fluoro rubber offering outstanding durability and stain resistance. The bezel, featuring a ferocious tiger design, is individually carved by the artisan who crafted the helmet’s maedate crest.

The meticulously designed timepiece, imbued with the craftsman’s spirit, is offered in a limited edition of only 700 pieces worldwide.

The Shougeki-Maru: Gai

A one-of-a-kind kabuto helmet made for the MR-G line

Helmet maker: SUZUKINE Yuzan (main body)
Metalsmith: KOBAYASHI Masao (maedate crest)

Helmet/armour maker SUZUKINE Yuzan

Fourth-generation craftsman of an armour and helmet making workshop that has been active for more than a century. Awarded the Prime Minister’s Special Prize at the All-Japan Newly Crafted Seasonal Festival Doll Contest. Dedicated to travelling throughout Japan whenever he has the chance, examining collections of armour and helmets in person to hone his knowledge of the craft.

Metalsmith KOBAYASHI Masao

Third-generation metal craftsman working in Shiga Prefecture’s city of Otsu. Active as a metal engraver as well, with experience studying engraving in Kyoto. Works with a wide range of decorative metal crafts, including crafting shrine and temple fixtures, restoring historic cultural assets, crafting tea ceremony implements and engaging in artistic craftwork. One of Japan’s premier artisanal metalworkers.

Bezel engraved with ferocious tiger design

The bezel captures the maedate crest of the Shougeki-Maru: Gai with a ferocious tiger design engraved by metalsmith KOBAYASHI Masao. A unique rock-grain relief pattern has been created with special chisels of varying sizes and forms to express the tiger’s striped pattern.

Since each finish is applied by hand, every timepiece is completely unique.

Dura Soft Fluoro Rubber band expressing white to odoshi

The designation “Gai” of the Shougeki-Maru: Gai connotes a pure shade of white. The distinctive white ito odoshi represents a pure, unadulterated hue, incorporating a sense of bold determination, the will to be true to oneself. This strength and beauty is expressed with the chronograph’s pure white band made with fluoro rubber — a soft, comfortable material offering strong resistance to deterioration over time.

Screw heads set with rubies, for deep crimson radiance

In commemoration of the G-SHOCK 40th anniversary, the heads of the screws securing the bezel are set with rubies, gems associated with passion and success. Showing commitment to ethical considerations, radiant, deep crimson rubies lab-grown by Kyocera are used. Together with the dial ring, which presents a circular red line in the design, the gems’ colour evokes the look of the red cord straps of the Shougeki-Maru: Gai helmet.

Recrystallised titanium case: Imbued with the kabuto helmet’s sense of presence

A deep-layer hardening process and dark silver AIP® is applied to the titanium material to express the colour of the Shougeki-Maru: Gai helmet. The distinctive texture produced by the recrystallisation process gives the watch a rugged, valiant look. An engraved metal plate commemorating the G-SHOCK 40th anniversary is affixed to the side of the case.

*AIP (arc ion plating) is a registered trademark of Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Limited edition wood and metal plate packaging

The black-painted kiri (Paulownia) wood case features a metal plate evoking the look of the odoshi plates of the Shougeki-Maru: Gai.

Clad Guard structure for reliable shock resistance and operability

Protective parts are built into the crown and buttons to help absorb impacts to the module. A special construction keeps the MR-G logo, engraved on the crown, horizontally aligned when the crown is screw-locked.

*Image shows the MRG-B2000B-1A4.

Solar-powered timekeeping with Bluetooth® and radio control for enhanced accuracy and reliability

Tough Solar: CASIO's proprietary solar charging system. Casio’s Tough Solar converts not only sunlight, but even light from weaker light sources, such as lamps, into power for the watch.

Super Illuminator (high-brightness LED light) for maintaining watch readability in the dark

A high-brightness LED illuminates the dial with bright light to improve visibility remarkably at night and in dimly lit environments.