G-Shock Limited Edition MT-G Volcanic Lightning MTG-B1000VL-4A

G-Shock Limited Edition MT-G Volcanic Lightning MTG-B1000VL-4A

The latest release to come from the creative minds of G-Shock, the MTG-B1000VL-4A joins the MT-G series of watches, which are known for a construction that combines metal and resin, boasts a striking multi-coloured design that represents volcanic lightning.

This unique natural phenomenon results in lightning caused by volcanic eruptions generated by the triboelectricity of water vapour, volcanic ash, volcanic rock, and other materials erupting from a volcano. The specific mechanism at work is unknown because it occurs in such a unique environment and is difficult to study.

The MTG-B1000VL reproduces the frightening yet beautiful blue, purple, and gold colours of the lightning caused by a volcanic eruption with a rainbow ion-plated bezel and a multi-coloured dial. The rainbow-coloured bezel finished with ion plating is overlaid with the image of the rare atmospheric phenomenon of volcanic lightning, which produces subtle differences in colouring that allow each wearer to enjoy their own unique glow. The MTG-B1000VL is also the first MT-G series model to use a semi-translucent red soft urethane material for the band—to represent the aggression of magma bubbling up—rendering a distinct image of power on the wrist.

The base model for the watch is the MTG-B1000, which delivered toughness in a compact case by employing a Core Guard Structure that links the bezel and back cover with planar parts. The MTG-B1000VL offers a special combination of advanced features like smartphone connectivity and solar-powered radio control with an inventive design.

Each watch will feature varied colouring thanks to this unique rainbow finish. Get a detailed look at the watch through the video below.