Chinese fashion label SANKUANZ partners with G-Shock on the MTGB2000SKZ-1A

This model represents the second collaboration with the SANKUANZ brand. The SANKUANZ concept is "Kill the Wall," which expresses the desire to break down the walls of fashion, streetwear, and culture.

This timepiece incorporates a cutting-edge SANKUANZ design into the distinctive G-SHOCK form. The base model is the MTG-B2000, which features a dual-core guard structure of metal and carbon, and a polygonal bezel. The all-black visage of this watch is offset by bright neon green accents. The band is engraved with the SANKUANZ brand logo and the words "Kill the Wall." A unique package design identifies this timepiece as a special model.

A fashion brand that was established by Chinese designer Chen Tianzhuo in 2013, SANKUANZ made its debut as a collection during the 2013 Shanghai Fashion Week. In 2015, the brand debuted at the London Men's Collection, followed by its first appearance at the Paris Collection in July 2017. It combines components from the virtual world of the internet and other sources with real world components to structure a world view of strong impact. The resulting distinctive designs and their pop-up retail marketing have made SANKUANZ an up-and-coming fashion brand of note.


The MTGB2000SKZ-1A retails for $1999. Click here to purchase.

G-SHOCK x Sankuanz MTG-B2000SKZ-1A