The DW001 hit the scene in 1994, featuring the Capsule Tough design concept.

Earning its nickname ‘Jason’ for its hockey mask-like appearance, a look made iconic by Jason Voorheers in Friday the 13th. The small boreholes in the 'mask' allow the thermometer to measure accurately.

The Jason by G-SHOCK DW001 GB001

These features return in the GB001, but now, you can unmask the ‘Jason’ to reveal an ion-plated metal bezel.

A new evolution of the watch driven by leading-edge technologies, featuring the Carbon Core Guard structure, a metal-clad exterior, and Smartphone Link functionality. A reimagined form of Capsule Tough has arrived, maintaining the design of the original while taking on a fresh new character all its own.

While inheriting the original face design of the DW001, the dial and inset dial ring are made separately with individual finishing applied to each component. The LCD lights up with a graphic image of blocks that stack up along with the second readout of the time display.

The new watch inherits the iconic band design of the DW001, including the wing components on the underside that further enhance the fit. The insert parts that show through the decorative openings near the base of the band have been changed from metal mesh to fine resin to expand the range of colour expression.

Capsule Tough by G-SHOCK