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Combining simple styling with advanced features allows EDIFICE watches to shine

About Us

The perfect amalgamation of sophistication and class, EDIFICE.
Truly the ultimate accessory for any professional gentleman.
EDIFICE combines dynamic forms and leading-edge advancements in design to redefine the chronograph and push timekeeping forward to unlock hidden possibilities.
Sporty and performance timepieces, EDIFICE is the watch that recognises the value of speed and time, for people who live in the moment.

Drawing and Modelling

Sketches of bold designs become reality as prototypes are produced using CAD and 3D printers. Concept becomes reality throughout the drawing & modelling process to achieve a sophisticated end result.

Bold Indexing

Straight lines and basic tones are laid out alongside an edgy, striking large index on the dial. Evoking a strong presence on the watch, careful time is taken during the modelling process to allow the designs to shine.

Inset Dial

Constructed of a lightweight resin that mimics a solid metal look, an inset dial ring is placed alongside the stainless-steel case to achieve a high-quality design that is both durable and wearable.

Edifice Forged Stainless-Steel Case

Forged Stainless-Steel Case

After forging and heat treatment of the stainless-steel used in the case, precision machining is utilised to complete the bold case form.

Edifice Polished Finish Case

Polished Finish

Polish finishing is left in the hands of skilled craftsmen, creating the beautiful mirror surfaces people have come to love on the stainless-steel case.

Edifice Bluetooth Button

Bluetooth Button

Atop a key button on the watch, the Bluetooth mark is inscribed. Colouring and inscribing is applied by hand to hone in on the details of the watch.