EDIFICE Solar Powered Watches

Harness the limitless energy of light with EDIFICE’s Solar Powered Watches, featuring CASIO's cutting-edge Tough Solar technology. CASIO's proprietary solar charging system technology goes beyond simply harnessing sunlight — it also captures energy from weaker light sources, such as lamps, so your watch stays powered through every lighting condition.

EDIFICE's solar power range is designed with precision and accuracy in mind, featuring various functionalities such as chronograph, world time, and multi function alarms. Whether it's a meeting, a workout or simply time to unwind, your EDIFICE watch is always there, keeping you punctual and on point.

With their sleek and modern designs, EDIFICE Solar Powered Watches are suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Every EDIFICE solar power watch comes with versatile band options, such as stainless steel and premium leather, ensuring a perfect fit for every wrist. No matter the setting, an EDIFICEwatch on your wrist is always the right choice. Shop our collection of solar powered watches in Australia today and embrace the future of timekeeping.


CASIO’s EDIFICE Solar Powered Watches operate using a built-in solar cell that captures light and converts it into energy. While direct sunlight provides the quickest and most efficient charge, the watch can also harness power from other light sources, including fluorescent lighting and indirect sunlight.

The EDIFICE Solar Powered collection stands out with its sports car inspired style and cutting-edge features. What sets these men's solar powered watches apart is the sophisticated technology that powers your EDIFICE watch for several months on a full charge. 

Shriro Australia, the sole distributor of CASIO Timepiece products in Australia, offers a two-year conditional replacement warranty commencing from the original purchase date of your CASIO solar powered watch. Upon making a purchase on casioau.com, your warranty is automatically registered.

Depending on the model, an EDIFICE solar powered watch can operate for up to approximately seven months on its rechargeable battery under normal use without exposure to light after a full charge. If stored in total darkness with the power save function activated after a full charge, the watch can operate for up to approximately 19 months.