CASIO Vintage Digital Watches

Our vintage digital watch collection is sleek, timeless, and retro. These timepieces pay tribute to the enduring designs of yesteryear while incorporating the digital precision that today's lifestyle demands.

Digital Icons

CASIO, quintessentially.


Calculator Watches

Leave your other devices at home.

CASIO Resin Watches

Resin Watches

Your everyday essentials.


A100 Series

Iconic then, legendary now.


Versatile style, trusted precision

Whether you opt for a CASIO Vintage metal digital watch in gold or another model from the collection, you're selecting a piece that transcends fleeting fashion trends. These watches are designed to be timeless and versatile companions and serve as a focal point for any ensemble, proving that style and substance can coexist.

Modern technology meets traditional style

Experience the seamless integration of digital features like alarms, countdown timers and backlit displays, all housed within a frame that echoes our time-honoured watch designs. CASIO Vintage digital watches are definitely testaments to the art of watchmaking — a craft where every second counts and tradition never goes out of style.

Explore CASIO's timeless excellence

Browse our curated selection of CASIO Vintage classic watchesfor a touch of retro flair, or discover our wider range of CASIO watchesfor contemporary designs equipped with innovative features. Explore our collection today and find the perfect timepiece to complement your personal style.


Our vintage digital watches honour the original digital watch aesthetic and functionality that first popularised the brand, contrasting with CASIO's modern lines that often showcase advanced technology and new design principles.

For the upkeep of your vintage digital watch's classic style, gently wipe the case and band with a lint-free cloth to remove dust and moisture. Store it in a cool, dry place when not in use, and seek professional servicing for battery changes.

CASIO vintage digital watches come with a 2-year warranty that typically covers the manufacturer's defects for a set duration from the date of purchase. To initiate this warranty, ensure you retain your proof of purchase and register your watch with CASIO if required.