CASIO Black Watches

CASIO black watches bring the best of both worlds. Their minimalist design, paired with CASIO’s precision technology, ensures you have a timepiece that's both stylish and reliable. When it comes to watches, black is a classic, dependable choice. Black watches are versatile, making them easy to mix and match with any outfit, from formal attire to laid-back, everyday looks.

Digital Icons

CASIO, quintessentially.


Calculator Watches

Leave your other devices at home.

CASIO Resin Watches

Resin Watches

Your everyday essentials.


A100 Series

Iconic then, legendary now.


Made tough for everyday wear

Life is unpredictable. But with a CASIO black watch, you're prepared for anything. Their robust build ensures longevity, and their sleek black finish seamlessly complements any look, from business to casual.

Features you’ll love

  • Precision timekeeping — Count on CASIO’s impeccable accuracy.
  • Robust construction — Built for life's ups and downs, CASIO black watches can withstand regular knocks and bumps, thanks to the sturdy, durable materials used.
  • Water resistance — Ready for life's little surprises
  • Contemporary design — Make a statement without saying a word.

Experience the CASIO difference

Browse our collection and find the perfect CASIO watchto suit your style. Timeless design, unmatched durability and the trusted CASIO name — they’re all a click away.