CASIO Vintage Digital Analogue Watches

CASIO vintage analogue watches bring the past to life with a design philosophy that highlights tradition while embracing modern watchmaking excellence.

Digital Icons

CASIO, quintessentially.


Calculator Watches

Leave your other devices at home.

CASIO Resin Watches

Resin Watches

Your everyday essentials.


A100 Series

Iconic then, legendary now.


Time-honoured designs

CASIO’s collection of vintage analogue watches serves as a homage to the enduring aesthetics of a bygone era. Each watch is a testament to the fashion and function of historical timepieces, updated with the precision and durability for which CASIO is recognised.

Versatility in timekeeping

The range of CASIO analogue watches presents a seamless fusion of the past and the present. Ideal for any event, they adapt effortlessly to various styles, adding a subtle hint of sophistication to your everyday wear.

Elevate your style and find the perfect CASIO vintage analogue watch  

Why settle for the ordinary when you can wear a piece of history? Browse our extensive collection of CASIO vintage analogue watches and select the one that resonates with your personal needs and preferences.

Looking for something else? There’s a CASIO watch for everyone. It's time to give your ensemble the perfect finishing touch with a watch that's as timeless as your style. Make your choice online today and wear yours with pride. 


A watch is included in this collection if it combines the nostalgic design of past eras with the hybrid functionality of both digital and analogue time displays.

Yes, alongside their retro design, CASIO analogue watches are equipped with contemporary features such as alarms, step counters, stopwatches and backlighting.

Keep it clean with a soft, dry cloth, avoid direct sunlight for extended periods and replace batteries with CASIO-recommended parts.

Yes, replacement parts are available for these watches. Contact CASIO’s support for assistance with obtaining specific parts.

The 2-year warranty typically covers manufacturing defects and workmanship errors for a specified period post-purchase. Refer to your warranty documentation for details.