Re-creating the 1974 Casiotron

Originally released the Casiotron in 1974, breaking ground with a digital wristwatch inspired by the idea that “watches simply add up seconds.”.

The watch made the most of the original digital technologies Casio had developed in its calculator business, bringing the concept of a fully automatic wristwatch to life. Eliminating the hassle of correcting the calendar every month, the Casiotron was a true pioneer.

The new TRN-50 stays true to the Casiotron concept
of a fully automatic wristwatch, drawing on all the advancements of Casio watch development over the half-century since the original model came out.


Re-created design commemorates the Casiotron 50th anniversary

A close look at the design of this watch from 50 years in the past reveals careful consideration of factors including ease of the time’s readability and textural appeal. Separate finishes are applied to the surfaces of the case and band, and the dial and grooved panel cover are crafted with luxe quality. Now, as then, the wristwatch continues to function as a practical device as well as an accessory adding fashion flair. The original design is meticulously reproduced with a dark blue dial, Casiotron logo, and many other details.

Special 50th Anniversary case back design

Just like the original, the new TRN-50 features a screw-lock case back. The centre of the case back employs glass to allow for radio wave reception with the built-in antenna. The symbol featured on the original case back has been redesigned to commemorate the 50th anniversary and is accompanied by engraved serial numbers (0001/4000–4000/4000) to highlight the rarity of this special limited edition.

Capping a 50-year history of originality and innovation with new functional evolution

A half-century has passed since the debut of the world’s first digital watch with an automatic calendar function. This re-creation of the Casiotron faithfully reproduces the original design, while incorporating the advanced technologies of today, expressing our commitment to staying true to origins and constantly innovating. The use of smaller components and high-density mounting technology enabled us to build in Smartphone Link, radio wave reception, and the Tough Solar charging system, all while maintaining the size of the original watch.


World’s first digital watch with an automatic calendar function.

Hitting the scene in 1974 as the very first wristwatch Casio ever released, the Casiotron eliminated the need for monthly calendar correction with its automatic calendar feature. With a conventional watch, people had to reset the calendar date on the first of each month, but the QW02 eliminated this hassle. Later, Casio delivered a fully automatic calendar watch that even correctly displayed February 29 during leap years. Casiotron: a name to be remembered as the point of origin for a half-century of commitment to the ongoing evolution of digital technologies.

Solar-powered timekeeping with Bluetooth® and radio control for enhanced accuracy and reliability

Special packaging for a limited-edition commemorative model

Super Illuminator (high-brightness full-auto LED backlight) for maintaining watch readability in the dark