CASIO x PAC-MAN - The Retro Collaboration is here!

Casio is excited to announce the release of the exclusive Casio Vintage x PAC-MAN collaboration watch, the A100WEPC. This limited edition watch is a nostalgic throwback to one of one of the world’s first blockbuster video games, the original PAC-MAN arcade game first released in 1980.


The retro design of the watch is based on the original Casio F-100 released in 1978, which was the first Casio quartz watch in a resin case.

The A100WEPC features colourful pixelated PAC-MAN and ghost characters, with the face design faithfully replicating the PAC-MAN game screen. Laser engraving on the black ion-plated metal band lays out the game maze, with delightful details such as the pink line marking the exit of the nest from which the ghosts emerge. The gold-plated watch case is inspired by the PAC-MAN arcade game cabinet. From the 4 buttons below the screen, you can expect the usual Casio Stopwatch, Alarm and Calendar functionality.


The model is priced at $299.00 and will be available in limited quantities from the Casio Australia website and selected retailers from the end of August. Stay up to date via the Casio Instagram page and website.