Anniversary Artwork

by Kosuke Kawamura

CASIO Watch 50th

Anniversary Artwork

by Kosuke Kawamura

"I have imbued this artwork with the passage of 'time over 50 years' and the concept of 'opening a new page in a new era'" Kosuke Kawamura said about the artwork.

Reprint model TRN50, G-SHOCK's original model DW5000C, lightweight and thin digital LCD model F91W, 3-needle type MQ24-7BLLJF, and iconic metal band model A168. Through his collage technique, these models, along with past advertising visuals and valuable archival materials, are intricately woven into his artwork.

In viewing this artwork, we can understand how CASIO has consistently pursued timeless craftsmanship throughout its history.


As CASIO's wristwatch business celebrates its impressive 50-year milestone in this year 2024, they've consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation.

The iconic inaugural model, the CASIOTRON, ingeniously merged digital expertise from its calculator roots into wristwatches, being one of the most innovative digital watches in the world with the world's first auto calendar function. Beyond mere convenience and comfort, CASIO's unique corporate philosophy values the joy and excitement of using a wristwatch, resulting in the continuous production of original items such as G-SHOCK and DATA BANK ranges.

During this commemorative period, renowned collage artist Kosuke Kawamura, who has collaborated with CASIO three times previously, has created a special anniversary artwork. We caught up with Kawamura to discuss the themes he incorporated into this artwork and his sentiments towards CASIO.

Please tell me about the theme you incorporated into your artwork.

I conceived an expression that transcends time and space, symbolising the journey from the first year when CASIO's wristwatch business began to its current 50th year, and the turning of a new page into the upcoming 51st year. I think the great thing about CASIO's wristwatches is that we can wear them timelessly. When I create artwork, I almost never sketch because I always develop the initial idea that comes to my mind first and expand upon it. So, this time as well, I immediately began shaping the idea that sparked when I heard about the project. For the collage materials in the artwork, I got some past advertising archives from CASIO, they were all innovative and stylish expressions. I wished there was a book compiled with past advertisements of CASIO.

Afterward, I selected several images and used them in this artwork. I collaged particularly emblematic scenes from CASIO's wristwatch business over the past 50 years, such as photos of the sales scenes at stores when the first CASIOTRON was released in 1974, and development documents for G-SHOCK.

Do you remember the first time you saw a CASIO wristwatch?

Yes, I guess it was when I was in junior high school. I started getting interested in fashion, and I saw G-SHOCK in a street fashion magazine at the first time. It was the golden age of "Ura-hara" cultures at the time, and I admired those who were wearing them.

When I was in the first year of junior high, I got the first DATA BANK from my friend's father, who collects CASIO watches such as G-SHOCK. From there, I began saving up my pocket money, I finally bought a G-SHOCK for myself when was a third year of junior high. But, when I turned about 16, more and more of my friends started wearing G-SHOCKs, so I intentionally started wearing a DATA BANK instead. Because I didn't wanna wear the same thing as everyone else.
I found a DATA BANK for about 2000yen in the clock section of the local home center and was attracted by its affordable price and casual feel. The toy-like quality and exciting feeling were irresistible to me in a good way.

Also, I believe that the enjoyment of exploring their functions by touch is also part of CASIO's appeal. For instance, the DATA BANK features a calculator function, and the rugged and strong-looking form of the G-SHOCK also excites me.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of CASIO's wristwatch business, the first original model CASIOTRON has been reissued in a limited edition. Were you already familiar with this model?

I didn't know it existed, but I'm amazed by how cool the design is. I couldn't believe it was made 50 years ago. I'm sure that this design will be appreciated even 100 years into the future.

This design has been perfected as a timeless one that evokes neither antiquity nor novelty. Thins is meticulously detailed, yet minimalistic and innovative with unnecessary elements stripped away. I really want one too.
It's perfected as a timeless design that doesn't feel outdated or overly new. The meticulous attention to detail and minimalistic approach, where unnecessary elements have been stripped away, make it innovative, and I really wanna have one.

You created the artwork for 'REAL TOUGHNESS' the action sports event based on the G-SHOCK concept of "toughness", but what appeal do you find in the concept of "toughness"?

I love the idea of "unbreakable strength" because it resonates with my childhood curiosity. I remember that I was amazed when I knew about how strong G-SHOCK is. Even now, as an adult, I still love the rugged and tough form of G-SHOCK.

I frequently travel abroad for both business and holiday, and the toughness of G-SHOCK provides me with a lot of confidence. Also I appreciate the convenience of being able to easily adjust to the local time using the signals. They are perfect when I'm creating artwork, and even scratches add character. I believe this is a strength that I can not found in other digital watch brands.

Being wearable by both children and adults, regardless of age, is also a strength, right?

I agree with that. Wearing the same series from the same brand without change even after over 30 years since I bought a first wristwatch at the age of 13 is remarkable. As I mentioned earlier, the timeless design allows it to be worn across generations. This always remains cool even as time passes.
CASIO's wide range of models, color variations, and collaborations are also wonderful. It makes me crave for something new, and with time, even the basic ones shine with new value. I've kept almost all the CASIO's wristwatches I've bought so far, and as time passes, I find myself thinking, "Oh, I want to wear that one now".

CASIO collaborates across fashion, art, and music.It seems like there is a strong affinity between you as a collage artist and CASIO. How do you feel when you look back on past collaborations?

When I was in junior high school, I remember that I got a information about a collaboration model between my favorite brand and G-SHOCK in a magazine. I quickly called, but it was already sold out. My seniors, who have always been my role models, also collaborated with CASIO. So, when I was offered the opportunity to collaborate, I was really happy and excited.
The collaboration models so far have all been quite distinctive, but CASIO's design has a well-established base, which provides flexibility and depth.
I was extremely honored to work on the historic project of creating the 50th anniversary key visual. I still have several ideas in my mind, so I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to collaborate with CASIO watches again in the future.

Interview by Silver Magazine.