EDIFICE Sospensione Series

EDIFICE announce the release of the latest addition to the EDIFICE line of timepieces, the SOSPENSIONE ECB2000. The watch's case design is inspired by the suspension of a formula race car, making it the perfect accessory for motorsports enthusiasts.
The SOSPENSIONE ECB2000 is a high-performance chronograph that features a unique case design modelled on a formula race car suspension. The lugs that connect the bands to the case are configured in a four-arm arrangement, which is inspired by the double wishbone suspension used in formula race cars. This is the first time an EDIFICE watch features a case constructed with lightweight and durable carbon fibre-reinforced resin.
The new model is available in a variety of versions with more on the way: the ECB2000PB, which features a soft urethane band for an extremely comfortable fit on the wrist, the ECB2000D, and the ECB2000DC, which feature a sophisticated textural appeal with stainless-steel band, and the ECB2000MFG - a collaboration between two iconic mangas. This timepiece embodies a motorsports worldview with a design that evokes the sharp image of a formula race car.
The ECB2000 is powered by the Tough Solar charging system, which converts light from fluorescent lamps and other sources to power the watch. It also features Mobile Link technology, which allows the watch to be paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth. When used with the dedicated CASIO WATCHES app, the watch automatically adjusts the time, and the app also enables easy and intuitive configuration of world time and transfer of stopwatch data measured on the watch, providing support for racing activities.
The SOSPENSIONE ECB2000 is an exceptional timepiece made for enthusiasts who appreciate the art of watchmaking and the design of racing cars. The watch's unique case design makes it stand out, wearable, and durable.