A review on Toro Rosso Limited Edition EQB800TR by The Male Guide

Gents, we know that choosing a daily watch (for work purposes and hybrid formal watch) results in weeks, possibly months of weighing up options. I was pretty lucky to find the EQB-800 was perfect for my suited weekdays – but that left a little gap in having a nice casual watch, perfect for weekends.

Edifice EQB-800-TR Model

Casio Australia teed me up with the EQB-800-TR model: the Toro Rosso Formula 1-engineered limited edition watch in the same 800 series as my daily watch.

Sure, I was a little skeptical. Cloth bands can be touch-and-go and I wasn’t absolutely sold on the carbon fibre adornments. But I knew that I wanted a casual-ish watch that I could use on weekends and at casual events and one that won’t break down.

Let’s set the record straight. The watch design has massive Formula 1 influences. The carbon fibre bezel, the dual layout and the amazing rainbow pearlescent details: under the bezel, the dial trim and the button trim. The potential for this watch to be a disaster of a dog’s breakfast colour and carbon fibre has turned into a masterpiece of true balance and tasteful detail.

Further, the carbon fibre is real. The weight of this watch is amazing. The EQB-800 model as chosen for my daily watch weighs in at 199g. The EBQ-800-TR, as tested here, weighs in at just 99g! It does have a huge difference on the wrist, too.

It’s not a bracelet. It’s Cordura with a leather under. I actually find this a really nice touch for a casual/sports watch. I previously swore away from non-metal bracelets, but this fits extremely well and is very comfortable. This also has a huge influence on the weight difference as mentioned above.

Edifice EQB-800 X Scuderia Toro Rosso

"The Limited Edition EQB800 surprisingly suits all occasions, not just casual"

Coming with all the Bluetooth connectivity and functionality of the EQB-800, this watch hasn’t been left out of the EDIFICE line’s extremely high-tech gadgetry. Auto time-zones, race timing and alarms (plus find my watch feature) integrated with solar charging makes this timepiece reliable and functional.

What’s not to love about this watch? It’s actually pretty hard to find anything I don’t like. Longevity of the carbon bezel and the showing of any nicks or chips is a question yet to be answered, but so far this watch has been amazing.

Casio has tastefully balanced cutting-edge tech with beautiful design and detail to create a perfect weekend watch for TMG.

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