5 Spring Essentials by Monty Wolf

After a long winter, spring is finally upon us.

As the days become longer and the mornings less frosty we can start to pack away our overcoats and scarfs and begin to transition into lighter, brighter pieces. These are my five essentials that all men need to have ready to go coming into Spring 2018.

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A Suit With Personality

As the temperature drops, men tend to restrict their suiting to darker shades of navy, charcoal and grey. And whilst in winter you can rely on a bolder coat or scarf to make a statement, in spring your suit has nowhere to hide.
For spring, you want to be branching out in lighter shades, bolder patterns and taking advantage of more breathable fabrics.

 A personal favourite in my collection is this light grey check single-breasted suit made from a linen and wool blend. The wrinkling of a full linen suit creates a great “sprezzatura” look but keep in mind if you’re planning on wearing the suit to the office your clients may not have the same appreciation of style as you do and leave wondering whether you own an iron.  If this is a concern, a wool or cotton blend is a safe bet. You will still get the breathability and coolness of the linen, but the wool or cotton will just help it stay a bit more crease-free.

Edifice Watch

A watch to take you to the office, beach, bar and anywhere in between

No matter the time, place or dress code, a high quality watch is an absolute must.

Living in Melbourne, the social scene is going strong all year round, but it definitely picks up when the weather does. This means when I’m looking for a watch, I want something that is refined so it fits right in in the boardroom or at a formal dinner, but still sporty and stylish enough for me to wear out to a bar or the beach.  Recently, I’ve been sporting the new Casio EDIFICE EQS900DB-1A and am happy to say it fits the bill perfectly.  The stainless steel band and black bezel combined with the motorsport-inspired carbon fibre face and red detailing make it an incredibly elegant and versatile piece. Casio’s innovative solar power technology also means I never have to worry about those annoying dead batteries. 

A navy blazer that makes a statement

A navy sports jacket is and will always be a staple for a man’s wardrobe. It’s the perfect way to dress up a more casual outfit or to still look incredibly dapper in those smart casual scenarios where suit would be over dressing. 

Coming into the new season I’d encourage guys to breathe some life into the old classic by adding a blazer to their collection that makes a bit of a statement. Like the suit mentioned earlier, my go to is a lovely check pattern by Samuel Diamond Tailors. A check will always be in style, but if it isn’t quite your thing another option are vertical stripes, which probably are the most on trend pattern in menswear right now (keep that in mind when picking up some new button down shirts). While we’re on the topic of statement pieces, Hawaiian and floral shirts are another huge trend that guys should definitely be taking advantage of with their casual wear.

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Time to boot the boots

As the weather warms up its time to shift your footwear focus on to some more relaxed and less heavy duty.

Loafers are a timeless option, which can be worn all year round, but really are at their best in the warmer months with a pair of chinos or linen trousers. Less rain also means it’s the perfect time to introduce suede back into the rotation.

Gents also shouldn’t be afraid to show a bit of ankle, but make sure for the sake of your shoes and anyone nearby when you take your them off at the end of the day that you wear no show socks. A bit of a tan doesn’t hurt either.

A seasonal scent

The final piece of the puzzle. Once you’ve got your look on point, it’s time for your scent.

Whilst I love a rich, musky cologne, they’re far too heavy and overpowering in warmer weather. Instead, opt for something lighter and crisp. You might not be able to spend all your time on a yacht in the Mediterranean, but you should smell like you do.

My go to brands include Ermenegildo Zegna, Tom Ford and Polo Ralph Lauren.

And there you have it, my top five essentials to make sure you’re looking, and smelling, fantastic all spring long!

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