If You Only Ever Owned One Keyboard…

The further you get into music, the more you realise that different versions of the one instrument offer vastly different possibilities. If you’re not careful, it can become maddening. One way to counter this is to buy the most versatile common sense keyboard possible. It needs to do everything well while fitting in your space and budget.
Well, there’s no such thing as a silver bullet, but the Privia range must at least be made of bronze. Here are a few reasons why the PX-S1100, PX-S3100, PX-S5000 and PX-S6000 might be the pick for if you could only ever own one…

PXS6000 Digital Piano in Black with wood grain sides


Rich - Thanks to the dense overtones of each individual string tuned for the specifics of the in-built speakers, it sounds as harmonically rich and vivid as any grand piano. The acoustic simulator captures the full richness of the sound, even the subtle noise of the damper pedal leaving the strings. For all intents and purposes, you might as well be seated in any of the best concert halls around the world. All you need to do is close your eyes and play…
Expressive - With the full 88 keys on hand, you explore the heights and depths of the human experience. Whether you’re hammering out Beethoven’s 5th in C Minor (dun dun dun duuun for those not familiar) on the bass notes or you’re gently teasing out Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik with your right, the possibilities are endless when you’re seated in front of a PX-S keyboard.
Slimline - The dream of having a full grand piano (or even just an upright) has receded in a modern age of smaller houses. Fortunately, you can achieve the same tone on a PX-S in only a fraction of the size. All of the features have been miniaturised as far as possible without compromising on performance, tone or playability. The result? It is the shallowest 88 key piano in the world, not even as deep as an A4 piece of paper. All the tone, none of the space.
Responsive - In years gone by, one of the first things you would lose from a slimline piano was the feel. The keys were plastic and glossy and it didn’t feel quite right under your finger. A grand piano has a key weighting that pushes back slightly, and the PX-S range has a hammer action keyboard to mimic the feeling. The keys themselves have a fine grained finish so it feels like the ivory of old. Close your eyes. It sounds like a grand piano. It feels like a grand piano. But the PX-S range comes with none of the negatives of a grand piano like cost and size.
There’s never been a better time to buy a PX-S keyboard. The Privia PX-S1100, PX-S3100, PX-S5000 and PX-S6000 all come with a gift bundle that includes the KBST45 Stand, SP34 Tri-Pedal and DC09 Dust Cover. 
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It is the jack of all trades, and master of some. 
Come and see what all the fuss is about