Casio Music: Reimagining Music and Style in Modern Interior Design

As one of the world's leading music brands, Casio Music offers a wide range of instruments that cater to the needs of professional and advanced musicians, ambitious pianists, and beginners alike. With over 40 years of experience in the music industry, the brand has a deep understanding of what consumers look for in a musical instrument, and how it can seamlessly integrate into their living space.
PXS7000 in Harmonious mustard
In today's world, where physical appearance is given equal importance as functionality, Casio Music has placed great emphasis on designing instruments that not only sound great, but also look beautiful. They have been created to complement the interior design of modern homes. Interior design trends are constantly evolving, and the brand's latest product launch, the Hero Model Privia PX-S7000, is a perfect example of how it keeps up with current trends.

Currently, minimalism, natural materials, and earthy tones are becoming increasingly popular in interior design. The PX-S7000 is designed to align with these trends, with its clean lines, high-gloss polished surface, transparent acrylic music stand, and overall material mix.The material includes textile elements that give it a light and modern look that reflects its contemporary high-quality interior design. The piano is available in three colours – black, white, and Harmonious Mustard – to suit different interior design styles. The Harmonious Mustard colour is particularly trending and gives a unique touch to the room.

Casio Music Offers an additional 2 different models within their new Privia range, each boosting unique features and benefits that align with modern day interiors.

Casio Privia PXS5000 in black

PXS5000 - The new Privia PX-5000 has been designed to blend seamlessly into any space while delivering Casio’s unique yet authentic piano sounds and touch. As the world’s slimmest* digital piano and housing Casio’s various proprietary technologies, the PX-S5000 is equipped with smart functions and an enhanced speaker system that can broaden the way you perform and enjoy music while delivering ultimate portability. The PX-S5000 comes with our Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard that delivers authentic touch, expressive power and playability, with a texture that gives you a playing experience of a grand piano.*Based on the depth of an 88-key digital piano with hammer action and built-in speakers (as of July 2022, according to research by Casio).

PXS6000 in black with wood-grain sides

PXS6000 - The PX-S6000 aims to redefine the concept of how we interact with pianos as part of our daily life via the latest cutting-edge technology. This is achieved by combining a modern, stylish design with sound performance and tactile qualities that allow the piano to seamlessly blend into any environment. A re-imagined sense of freedom and limitless playability allow you to break free from convention and discover a new way to live in harmony with your instrument. Minimalist design that is synchronised with your surroundings and the latest in original sound and tone technology merges with the experience cultivated over many years of crafting instruments to create a new evolution in musical expression. 

In addition to pianos, Casio Music Australia also offers a wide range of portable mini, midi, and USB keyboards, as well as accessories and software to take your musical experience to the next level. All these products are designed to complement current interior design trends, making it easy for you to find the perfect match for your home.

So, if you want to add a touch of style and sophistication to your living space while enjoying the music, browse the available range on and invest in a musical instrument that not only sounds great but also enhances the look of your living space.