BABY-G+PLUS — New series celebrates the 30th anniversary of BABY-G

Introducing BABY-G+PLUS, a new series commemorating the 30th anniversary of BABY-G. Compact digital watches are paired with special holders with straps, featuring easy-to-remove bezels and bands — no tools required. Wear as a wristwatch, or hang from your waist or bag as a charm: it’s up to you. Create your one-of-a-kind look with this brand-new style, marking the 30th anniversary of BABY-G. And remember: “Be you. Be me. With BABY-G!”


Two-way watch and charm style to match any mood or fashion

The pass-through band can be easily removed without tools and has a detachable bezel. Place the centre case into the included holder that has a strap attached and turn your watch into a unique time-telling charm. Hang it from your waist or your bag — enjoy the freedom of coordinating with your daily mood or outfit.

Special holder with strap*1 ready for individual styles

The special holder with strap is made from silicone for a smooth and charming look, making it the ideal accessory for a bag. Add stickers and other decorations, tuck a favourite photo in the back — the sky’s the limit when it comes to making it as unique as you are.*2

Cute and retro pixel animations

Press the Light button in Time Mode for a random pixel-art animation (surfer, dancer, dolphin, blowfish, dog, cat). Their charming moves add a touch of fun to the watch’s face and a bit of BABY-G whimsy to the easy-to-read digital LCD.

Shock resistance and 10-bar water resistance

Whether worn on the wrist or strapped to a bag in its special holder, there is no need to worry about bumping your watch or getting it wet.

Colour variations fit for Y2K fashion

The pop-casual colour variations are inspired by the trendy colours of Y2K fashion as it makes a comeback. Add a unique touch to your usual outfits, coordinate in a nod to your favourite idol, and make your everyday outings more colourful.


Add your own twist to express your style! Be you. Be me. With BABY-G!

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