CASIO Desktop Calculators

Whether you're looking for a calculator for desktop use at home, school or work, CASIO offers a broad selection of desktop calculators to meet your needs. Our desktop calculators are reliable, packed with features, functions and available in a range of designs, sizes and vibrant colours. Shop our collection today.

A CASIO desktop calculator — your personal assistant

CASIO’s cutting-edge technology and innovative design are at the heart of our desktop calculator range. We've created a line of compact desktop calculators that meet the needs of the most demanding tasks, making life easier for you whether you're balancing your accounts, solving complex equations or simply crunching numbers.

Experience the power of a 12-digit desktop calculator

Our 12-digit desktop calculators are designed to handle any calculation with ease. With their large display, they provide clear visibility, aiding you in error-free computations. The seamless keyboard layout ensures you never miss a beat, making these calculators the perfect tool for any desk.


CASIO desktop calculators stand out in our product range due to their vibrant colours, large displays and portability. While we offer many different types of calculators, our desktop range is designed to offer a blend of style and functionality that brightens up your workspace while still delivering the quality CASIO is known for.

While our CASIO desktop calculators do not come with printing capabilities, we do have a range of specific printing calculators designed for those who require record-keeping. These models offer the same reliability and precision as all CASIO calculators while providing the added benefit of printing capabilities.

Yes, every CASIO calculator for desktop use purchased through our website comes with a warranty. This warranty is provided by Shriro Australia, the official distributor of CASIO calculators in Australia. We offer a warranty that ranges from two to five years for all our desktop calculators.