The Casio watch that people can't stop talking about

Following a popular collaboration with a well-known jewellery brand, it seems like every watchmaker has its own version of a watch with a light blue dial these days. Casio’s MTP1302PD-2A2 stands above the rest.
With its affordability, colour matching technique, and reliable construction, this watch has been difficult for watch enthusiasts to get their hands on. Released in January 2023, the watch promptly sold out and is now selling for well above retail price across the second hand market.
 A silver and blue watch is leaned up against a matching blue vase. The blue in the watch and vase is very similar to the colour of the iconic 'Tiffany' blue box.
The MTP1302PD-2A2V is constructed of stainless-steel and mineral glass, the dimensions of the watch are 44.2 x 38.5 x 9.2 mm and weighs 105 grams. Water resistant to 50 metres and an approximate 3-year battery life means this watch is not only stylish and coveted, but practical and durable for everyday wear too.
Stay tuned to find out when this watch is coming back.