Introducing the fx-8200 AU - the New High-Performance Scientific

Scientific calculators have been a staple in the school kit for as long as we can all remember. With the recent launch of the fx-8200 AU, Casio has made a significant increase in user functionality and mathematical functions to better serve students studying the Australian curriculum. 

Approved by all Australian exam authorities, including NESA. 

Sleek and Ergonomic Design:

The fx-8200 AU has been upgraded to include a textured edge for increased grip, clip on cover to minimise the chance for it to be lost, and rounded keys. 

User Friendly: 

The user interface of the fx-8200 AU is intuitive and user-friendly. With more intuitive navigation - new cursor and scroll keys - streamlines the layout making it easier to switch between applications, settings and function keys for easy calculation.

The introduction of the Tools key means you can see application specific settings in the touch of a button for; Calculate, Statistics, Distribution, Table, Complex and Vector. Define a function for tabulation using the Function key, and, see all variables on one screen using the Variable key. 

Additionally, the you can flip through calculator's comprehensive user manual  that simplifies the learning process and helps you make the most of its advanced capabilities.

Advanced Mathematical Functions

One of the standout features of the Casio fx-8200 AU is its extensive range of mathematical functions. It can handle complex calculations, including algebraic, trigonometric, logarithmic, and statistical functions. The calculator supports fraction calculations, matrix operations, and complex number calculations, making it a versatile tool for mathematics, STEM, chemistry, physics and engineering applications.

Making the Switch:

Any change in technology can be daunting. What makes the switch to the fx-8200 AU easier is the simplicity - this calculator has been built with the user in mind. For Casio users, the functionality is mirrored to a degree - with additional functionality being the exception. Even so, as everything follows a straightforward layout and familiar design, the introduction of the main menu means new functionality is a) easier to find, and b) easier to compute. (Plus the page scroll keys, navigation arrows and ‘ok’ key means it’s easier to operate the fx-82AU PLUS II and fx-100AU PLUS 2nd edition.)  

For non-Casio users - playing around for a few minutes guarantees you’ll be up to speed, and the wealth of Casio resources means mastering how to perform advanced calculations is that much easier. 

If you have questions about the fx-8200 AU functionality, features or supporting teacher software, please get in contact with the Casio Education Australia team at