BABY-G x Emma Mulholland Collaboration – BABY-G Australia

CASIO Australia is proud to announce the release of a limited edition BABY-G collaboration with Australian fashion designer Emma Mulholland.

Inspired by the ‘Happy Hawaii’ print from the Holiday by Emma Mulholland, the collaboration combines nineties nostalgia with an unconventional take on a traditional Hawaiian print. The creation; an attention seeking digital BABY-G watch with daring yellow sunshine hues and a brazen smiley hibiscus motif.

Reminiscing on her first BABY-G and the original tin which was used for storage, Emma Mulholland was inspired to recreate her very own tin packaging featuring the watch print and smiley lid.

Just like the revival of BABY-G brings back childhood memories, Emma Mulholland’s most recent clothing line is inspired by holidays from around the world, fusing her love for travel and road trips into the collaboration design and production. The collaboration was shot throughout the Californian desert, evocative of memories from a first holiday and road trips with friends. Travelling with effervescent best pal’s Byron Spencer and Teresa Oman, who also photographed and modelled, this collaboration is an statement to stay youthful, daring and adventurous.

Recognised today as the most coveted and iconic watch of the nineties, BABY-G’s liberal use of colour and distinctive designs are traits shared with Emma Mulholland, as she recalls “In my teens, I was obsessed with BABY-G and begged my parents for a pink one that I loved so much! BABY-G seemed like a great collaboration for me to work on as my customers love pop culture and nostalgia as much as I do.”

Far from being a case of form over function as many timepieces are, these watches are as practical as they are pretty. Born from a developer’s dream of “creating a watch that never breaks”, BABY-G watches are completely shock and water resistant – able to withstand any knocks, drops or spills thanks to their shock absorbing technology.

This collaboration is the second in Australia, although global tie ups with other brands such as Hello Kitty are announced annually for CASIO’s umbrella of timepiece brands. Production is limited with only 100 models being produced, available at an RRP of $229.

The collaboration release will be available soon from Myer, Goldmark & selected boutiques.