BABY-G Announces Steph Claire Smith as our Ambassador! – BABY-G Australia


This year BABY-G are welcoming their 25th anniversary across the globe. To celebrate this, homegrown beauty Steph Claire Smith is announced the face of BABY-G in Australia for 2019 with the launch of their new campaign, Pretty Tough Girl.

Highlighting BABY-G’s coming of age with a watch to suit every girl, this campaign hopes to positively inspire women to be ambitious and unapologetically themselves! Steph pushes limits to pursue her goals; from KIC’ing it in workouts to powering through business meetings, her BABY-G is always by her side. BABY-G gives you the foundations to get through every knock and bump in all stages of your life… a watch for every moment; big or small.

Steph is a Melbourne based model, influencer and entrepreneur. She owns businesses SODA Shades and Midnight Co and she is also co-creator of one of the most successful fitness & wellness programs Keep It Cleaner, which includes its own line of food and beverage. Encouraging women to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, Steph and business partner Laura Henshaw have built a community of support and empowerment through KIC. In 2018 she also published a book with Laura aiming to teach confidence and self-love to growing girls.

Born in 1994, BABY-G and its first watch model, the DW-520, was instrumental in turning digital watches for women into fashion accessories. More than just watch, BABY-G’s bright and vivid colours fused with innovative technology is designed to enhance everyday life. As practical as it is pretty, BABY-G is the ‘Pretty Tough’ watch, adopting all shapes and sizes, for every woman.

Photography: Tim Ashton
Hair: Koh
Make-up: Ania Milczarczyk
Styling: Mikey Ayoubi
Production: Motel Picture Company